The Art of Wellness and How Meditation is its Core by Shanah Michele, Mind Body Education

In a world where meditation is often seen as scary, difficult, boring, or impractical due to our busy lives, we want to offer a different perspective. Many of these misconceptions about meditation arise because, as humans, we have lost touch with our authentic voice – the one that exists before societal programming takes hold. We often conform and do things just because everyone else is doing them, including meditation.

The traditional image of meditation involves sitting cross-legged, closing your eyes, and trying not to think about anything. But let’s be honest, that approach doesn’t exactly inspire excitement or engagement.

What if we told you that meditation could be creative, artistic, and even fun? What if meditation could be a reflection of your innermost self, at its most vibrant and authentic?

Imagine creating a meditation space that truly represents who you are. Picture adding plants, crystals, artwork, candles with enchanting scents, comfortable floor cushions, and playing soothing music. Wouldn’t that be more enticing?

Or maybe meditation for you means filling a bath with rose petals, adding some frankincense essential oil and bubbles, dimming the lights, and zoning out with relaxing music.

Alternatively, you might prefer putting on your shoes, driving to a quiet forest, and mindfully walking, touching leaves, and savouring the scent of the trees. With each step, you can focus on a positive affirmation chosen specifically for yourself, setting the tone for the week ahead.

Meditation can take on any shape, feel, or ambiance that you desire. It can be vibrant and bold or soft and serene. When you cultivate a meditation practice that aligns with your unique preferences, it becomes a fine and delicious art.

When you create a meditation practice that serves who you are authentically, something powerful happens within the brain. The brain, being the control centre of our thoughts, emotions, and actions, undergoes significant transformations through regular meditation. By engaging in mindfulness and deep introspection, neural pathways associated with self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation are strengthened while the overactive stress response is calmed. This leads to increased mental clarity, emotional resilience, and overall well-being, allowing us to navigate the complexities of life with greater ease and authenticity.

This month, we encourage you to create a meditation practice that reflects who you are. Let it be an embodiment of your desires and intentions. How will you paint your meditation practice?

If you’re interested in exploring further and becoming a Registered Holistic Wellness Coach, we invite you to check out our online program. Our program offers learning in mindfulness and meditation practices, along with other integrative transformative life skills. Click the link below to learn more:

Isabelle Cunningham

Isabelle is the founder of Mind Body Education, a global education network that provides award-winning, industry-approved, evidence-based training programs in holistic well-being therapies.

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