The Frequency of Health by Tatiana Savery

A healthy body comes in as many shapes and sizes as there are people on earth. Like everything, health is a frequency – living in the frequency of health begins with non-judgement.
Our body is constantly sending us signals and messages. Rather than listening and investigating, many will go straight to judgement of ourselves and of others.

Our energy balance is directly tied to our body physiology. Health is all about energy, and energy utilization allows for perfect signalling of your internal environment. When your energy is low your signalling tells you some information but it does not tell you what is happening.

There is a deep connection between thermodynamics in biology and the processing of energy and information. This process begins in the skin. Obesity does not begin with food and exercise. Nature and biology add lipid droplets to our skin to create a laser that changes sunlight into coherent light that activates programs in our subcutaneous fat.

The computations that the mitochondria must make begins in the eye. Light, water and magnetism works in a wireless fashion to create our healthy frequency. Science now shows we are 81% water, aligning our water molecule within our mitochondria with the PowerTube creates an internal environment for the body to signal correctly.
It is our skin that is between the sun and our mitochondria. If energy balance is off then leptin signalling is also off in the fat cells and in the brain. Obesity can be seen as a brain illness. It is an inflammatory brain condition of poor signalling.

Leptin is one of the main signals of what is going on in the parasympathetic system of the brain.

The gut and brain connect through the vagus nerve at the area postrema in the 4th ventricle. It is bathed in Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). As my clients know, a protocol I have recommended for the last 30 years involves castor oil packs on the abdomen to stimulate the flow of our CSF. There is also a visualisation process available for my clients to stimulate the CSF.

When the energy balance is off the tell tale signs will show up in the person’s altered hormone panels. An altered hormone panel tells us the brain can no longer sense its environment well.

Health shows up differently in everyone. If a body is functioning to remove poison or toxins, or to balance chemical reactions, and sending a myriad of signals then the body is functioning as it should to create homeostasis. A weakened cell has a different vibrational pattern than a healthy one. However the body is miraculous and will continuously send us messages. Even when there is poor signalling we will receive the message via changes within our body weight, shape or size and our energy levels.

I have experienced this myself first hand. After a toxic exposure to black mould my body began a survival process. My energy availability changed and poor signals altered my hormones. Part of this altering of hormones created the subcutaneous fat required to store the toxins within. Our bodies are always sending us messages. Rather than judge my body or myself I remained grateful at the infinite intelligence within my body, the capability to adapt and survive. Health is thriving in all areas of our lives and at times the body may enter survival mode in order to create homeostasis against an unknown attacker.
If we can remain within non-judgement the body will send us a message; listen and investigate without judgement to find solutions. Taking investigative action will allow us to thrive again.

If your body is changing or has changed, investigate. Our body will change season to season and year to year. Frequency technologies can assist in reading what is happening within the brain, plus other organs, as well as what toxins could be affecting your ability to thrive. These technologies have the ability to read which emotions are stored within your cell membrane and invert frequencies that are contributing to disease. With these technologies the body’s own ability to regulate is stimulated so that biologically effective frequencies can return to the body and thus ease the disturbed vibrational pattern of the cell into a more natural, healthy resonance.

Here are a few healthy signals my clients experience when working with frequency technologies:

Change in sweating pattern
Energy levels rise
Hunger and cravings become less and eventually disappear
When they awaken they feel refreshed and well rested
Men experience quicker weight loss
Women experience mood changes – first, calmer and sleepier at night, then sleep will improve. Clothes will fit differently and weight loss (if required) will occur if they continue the recommended protocols

Our mind, the perspective we have, and non-judgement are the foundations to a healthy frequency and optimal body weight and shape. Everyone will be different. Do not compare yourself to others. We are as unique as our fingerprint. However, our finger print doesn’t change; our bodies do.

There are many contributing factors creating a frequency of health and it is not always about healthy eating or exercise. Our bodies are continuously sending us messages – are you ready to listen and investigate?

People have all kinds of judgments. Such as it’s better to be healthy than sick or it’s better to have a beautiful body. Yet it is all made up, who is it that defined beauty? The values people have are rooted in the world, yet the true value that everyone has is not of this world.
A truly Spiritual attitude would be that there is no difference between a health body or a sick body as neither are true.
Releasing judgement and forgiveness are steps towards not being affected by our body. Of course, there are preferences that will support being within a body with more ease.

From my heart to yours,


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Tatiana Savery

Tatiana Savery is an international healer, entrepreneur, founder of Love Divinity, Frequency Academy and brings empirical knowledge and research based in the fields of epigenetics, bio energetics, frequency technology, integrative nutrition and spirituality.

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