The hidden meaning of your words – how conscious are you? By Suzanne Bolton

For someone who never enjoyed English at school, I have discovered a real passion for words and their variety of meanings and context.  Understanding the vibrational frequency of words brings a whole new dimensional level to this form of communication unique to humans.

Words are very powerful but how conscious are you of what comes out of your mouth.  We generally take this gift of communication for granted and are often unconscious of some of the things that roll off the tongue!  There is, however, a hidden gift and opportunity in our unconscious words. 

During my sessions I will often bring the words clients use into focus because they give so many clues as to where your energy is being placed and what you are “really” thinking and feeling. 

An obvious example is the phrase “I am sick and tired of …(something or someone)”. You may have come to accept this phrase as a form of expression describing a situation or person you have had enough of.

I have two teenage boys and in unconscious moments of frustration the phrase spills out of my mouth before I have time to catch it in the act …  “I am sick and tired of picking up after you!” 

This would be the point I encourage you to pause and listen to what it is you are really saying!  In this example the truth is I know I am not going to get sick or tired from picking up clothes. And what becomes clear is an energy mismatch between my words, my vibration and my intent, in fact really it makes no sense at all, and I am only saying it because that was probably what my mum said to me!

Here are a few key points to assist you in effective communication:

Energetic self-care and responsibility require harmony, continuity and communication of energy both within and without. 

Having greater conscious awareness and understanding of what your frequency is, what your intention is and the words and phrases that you choose, will make you are far better energetic communicator. 

Remember words are vessels containing a myriad of magical meanings.

Words that are spoken consciously, with depth and inner alignment will be some of the most powerful words you can speak. 

In the modern world of AI technology and sheer volume of words and information, the need for awareness and discernment of what we are ‘consuming’ and putting out is becoming vital.  It is an exciting time to be getting conscious!

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Suzanne Bolton

Suzanne is an inspired kinesiologist bringing her wealth of experience to her new business creation: VitaVi. This new venture focuses on energy education and the expansion of self-perception to recognise and integrate the energetic dimension into modern life. Suzanne is passionate about assisting others to consciously direct their energy towards growth, success and healing.

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