The Inspiration for Creating Crystal Animal Collars by Kate Denning

On Friday 13th March 2020, I had to get my beautiful girl Charlotte put down. She was a 16-year-old Maltese and had suffered a stroke and probably had a form of breast cancer. I went down to the bay after and in the clouds, I could see a dog and a puppy beside her. Charlotte’s daughter Lily had died before her from a tick many years ago and she was the runt of the litter and always looked like a puppy. So, I felt she had been met by her daughter.

Crystal Healing Collars

These beautiful collars I have created in honour of my dog Charlotte.  She was a wonderful companion and a barometer for my husband when I was ill with Crohn’s. I wish I had something like this for her then. The Crystals come as ‘snap-ons’ so they can be interchangeable depending on what your cat or dog needs and the collars are leather and come in blue or pink.

Our fur babies can absorb what ails us and I didn’t really know this at the time, so poor Charlotte ended up really sick herself. She had an eye removed in 2013, as she had a growth behind the eye that was pushing the eye out. In the end she had a stroke, and I think cancer, as she had lumps that came up all over her within three weeks.

Later on I was given a Black Toy Poodle from friends of mine, and she is the love of my life now haha. I’ve always wanted one and my grandparents used to breed and show poodles, so I grew up with them. I already knew that poodles could be quite nervous, and they can be really fussy and attached to one person. She has to be by my side all day.

I take her out to most places I go and visit, and she comes to work with me at the markets and expos and she is getting a lot of attention from the visitors. She also lets me know how people are before and after a reading and who to be aware of. She is still very hyperactive even at the age of three years old. I have caused a lot of the issues because I spoil her so much. So, I’ve been doing some study on crystals knowing how they’ve been used for centuries for healing and helping us emotionally. So far I have 5 different crystals and I will be bringing more out at a later date.. For now I have….

Clear Quartz, amplifies the effects of other crystals, helps with emotional stability and protection.

Rose Quartz, Heals the Heart, Helps anxiety, great for separation anxiety.

Amethyst, Protection, relieves stress and anxiety and may help in supporting bones and joints.

Obsidian, Protects from negative energies, promotes peace of calmness. Our animals can take on a lot of our conditions and Obsidian in particular can protect them in what ails us and

Citrine, supports healthy digestion and eliminations, helps skin conditions and helps stress too.

Not to be used in place of a veterinarian or medication.

Magical blessings to you all.

FB: Kate Denning The Tea Lady

Readings available online, by phone and face to face: 0411254880

“The A – Z of Tea Leaf Reading”  by Kate Denning is available to buy online or from Kate for $20

“Magical Brew” Loose Tea Leaves 50g $23 

Crystal Healing Collars with 3 clips for snap on crystals

Opening special includes 3 Clear Quartz , 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Amethyst, 1 Citrine, 1 Golden Black Obsidian snap ons.

30 cm $50

40 cm $52

50 cm $54

Please add postage onto these prices.

Kate Denning

Kate is known as the 'Tea Lady' and she shares her gifts as a Psychic Clairvoyant, Author, Public Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor.

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