The Light of Christmas by Tatiana Savery

In my last article I spoke of explaining the meaning of Christmas. This is from my lifetime of inner work and research into who we are. This knowledge comes from both within and through the teachings of many masters. This is a different way to look at Christmas. Perhaps elements of this view may enlighten a new perspective on who we are and what Christmas can be for all of us.

Each year on December 25 Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, and in every church a crib is set up. The child is there lying on the straw; Mary and Joseph watch over him, along with two animals. This is one of the current models of Christmas. There is no proof that Jesus was born on December 25th, or even in the winter. The position of Christmas in the calendar leads us to ‘innerstand’ that this festival must be interpreted symbolically.

What matters here is doing the inner work to open oneself to see that everything is an allegory. Jesus never spoke except in parables which are allegories. 

We must See/Think in terms of allegory.

The two animals in the tale of Christmas are symbols that have to be interpreted; they correspond to processes that take place in mankind. 

The stable is the physical body. This first animal represents sexual energy and the second represents the self centered, head strong and unyielding lower natures.

Those who choose to do the inner work towards being re-born, activating the Christ within, first come into conflict with the forces of their lower nature and sexuality. Those are the forces each of us must master and align. When we know how to transmute these forces within us we can redirect our life force to activating our Christ within.

Christmas is also the festival of light. All of mankind has a seed of light within and we must find how to open up and germinate this seed. The song of Christmas “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”, means the chestnut, the seed of light, stores the treasure – the ark of the covenant. The nut is the fruition of the father and mother; the father is the pineal gland, the mother the pituitary gland. The nut is the flower – the flower of life, the flowering of life.

December 21st and the 3 days afterwards are the days of incubation for the seed to activate. Then the light within rises for 3 months and begins to flower – our springing back to life.

The fire is the distillation taking place. We must go through the fire to purify the Spirit. Water will purify the body during this time.

This is why it is important to bring fruits, fresh juices and clean water into your body over December. The 21st, through to Christmas Eve on December 24th is the cleansing period. By cleansing we prepare for purification and our inner Spirit is ‘Christed’ and re-born on Christmas day, December 25th.

Be aware of eating or drinking too much over this period.

With this unique alignment on December 21st, 2020, higher vibrational waves begin to pour over us from Aquarius. This will allow us to connect in a totally organic way with one another and the collective mind of mankind. Once our nervous system is balanced we will naturally start feeling the love and brotherhood/sisterhood towards other living beings. We will begin feeling and doing what is best for mankind. We will have peace of heart. We are mankind because we are kind by nature.

This cleansing period creates a balance with Spirit, and this creates light. This is how to find your dormant pure energy. Let’s look at Christmas in a new light. Christmas is a metaphor for our spiritual awakening within the physical. 

Christmas pine cones represent the pineal gland, our third eye. The red and white colours of Christmas also represent our blood. The cleansing or our red and white blood cells during Christmas. Santa Claus is the sacred claustrum within you. The claustrum is at the back of our heads and right under it is a ‘chimney’ or tube that runs down to the Centre of your head the third ventricle, the Centre of who you are, and why Santa comes down a chimney. Which allows the activation of light within us which is plasma the creative force of existence and of life.

The Christos oil rises up, our cerebral spinal fluid (CFS), and activates the pineal gland and pituitary gland. Which allows you to look in on the Divine, the single eye of all creation.

The cross represents our cerebral spinal fluid flowing up and crossing our horizontal circular flat sphenoid bone, bathing and anointing our glands. To become the Christed one we must raise the chrism oil, our CSF. 

The third ventricle of the brain is the ark of the covenant. The seed of light within us. 

The open fire of Christmas refers to opening our mind after we raise the chrism oil. Symbolising the end of this journey, rising to freedom and bringing in wisdom. 

We can achieve this through our cleansing, meditation and embracing the tools I share within my work, including the castor oil packs to increase the flow of our CSF along with the meditation included within my suggested protocols. 

The completion of this journey is the Christ-ing within you. We are ready, let us all find Truth within and begin to embrace the change required to embrace what Christmas represents for all of mankind. The activation of the seed of light within us is our ultimate awakening.

May each of us experience a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From my heart to yours,

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Tatiana Savery

Tatiana Savery is an international healer, entrepreneur, founder of Love Divinity, Frequency Academy and brings empirical knowledge and research based in the fields of epigenetics, bio energetics, frequency technology, integrative nutrition and spirituality.

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