The Power of Frequency Technology: ‘Vitals Scan’ by Rebecca McQuilty

Having a wellness centre in the palm of your hands is one of the most incredible tools to be able to utilise on a daily basis, not only for yourself and your family, but for clients too.

I have clients all over the world and I love that I can do remote scans and distance healing from my home office or clinic and send frequency anywhere in the world.

Scalar wave technology is a completely safe form of wavelength and energy that does not have any electrical or magnetic components to it. Scalar waves were studied extensively by Nikola Tesla, and are a “loss less energy” which means they do not change, deteriorate or alter when sent across a distance or substance. They can carry any frequency that is programmed into them, and be sent anywhere in the universe instantaneously, because they travel faster than the speed of light.

This month’s focus is on the Vitals Scan.

The Vitals Scan in this amazing hand held device, scans the energetic state of your blood biology in over 800 items. It scans the blood in less than three minutes, and is equivalent to getting hundreds of dollars’ worth of blood work done. It identifies energetic and balances, such as toxins, hormones, micro and macro, minerals, mould, fungus, bacteria, viruses, parasites, food allergies and sensitivities, heavy metals, and so much more.

The Vitals Scan not only scans the body, but then sends the balancing frequencies to guide the body toward homeostasis and shows the results based on whether the frequencies are in or out of alignment.

This scan comes with a comprehensive report of results.

I recently had a client who has been extremely sick for many, many months and no one in the medical profession has been able to assist her. She has been for countless amounts of tests and blood work and still had no answers. When she came to me she was desperate for answers.

It was through the Vitals Scan I was able to identify mould in her body and work with her to detox this from a frequency perspective.

This client was amazed at the accuracy of the scan and how in a short time we were able to identify what has been going on her body when no one else could. What an incredible testimony.

To learn more, please go to

Bec McQuilty

Bec McQuilty is a psychic counsellor/kinesiologist & founder
of Frequency Soul Collective. She loves sharing about all areas
of bio resonance, frequency & energy.

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