What and why is Divine timing so important in 2021?

Let’s just touch base on 2021 first – it’s the beginning of the Aquarian age, and when we start off anything new, there are teething problems and stuff to clear out, enabling us to create a solid foundation to move forward. Also being a 5 year means change is here.

I have spoken to many Spiritual people over the last 3 months, and they all feel very similar. Even my own journey has unfolded quite differently than I had anticipated so far this year. The energy that has been apparent is of a transformational nature and can be very uncomfortable if you are resistant to change.

The collective has become quite impatient as to when things will get moving. However, trying to control events or demand answers, if partnering with our Creator, will only halt your progress and put you in a place of lack. Although sometimes it is hard to know when you are in the middle of transforming, you might ask – what is happening? It can feel very isolating and dark, but once you start to rise again into the light, you do sense the Phoenix assisting and hoisting you further than you’ve ever been before.

Divine timing is the perfect time for you, when you unite with the Universe, or better still, recognise the Spirit in you and access all that there is, you come together with all life forms, beings and spirits – further than you can imagine in all universes, in all directions of time. The benefit of this is they (meaning the Universe or your connection to it) can see everything and know holistically what your soul needs in this life. Always for you highest good.

When things go awry it can put you in a state of confusion and bring you back to basics. I am a master manifestor in this part of my life, I have been able to manifest abundance in my life in all forms. But, when I have been asked to manifest for partners, friends, or people that were in my circle nagging me about not earning money – like a professional business – and then constantly asking me to prove it, demanding it happen now, I lose my flow with spirit, which puts me back into a state of lack. Why? 

It is out of divine timing for me and my highest good, my spiritual path is unique to me, so when other people try and influence me receiving – it is not for my highest good. I donate 99% of my time, it is not because I do not value my time, expertise or experience, I have also been told that I do all the free articles in different magazines because of my ego.

The Universe takes care of me in other ways, and I receive money from expected and unexpected sources. Abundance to me is everything that brings love and joy to my heart. 

Money is energy and so is everything else!

Why is it so important that we work with Spirit apart from the fact they can see everything?

Trust! Trusting that the Universe is bringing in every aspect of our lives for our highest good, even the lessons about patience and releasing control over what, where and when things come to us. Removing the 3Dimensional way of thinking and replacing it with the acceptance of the connection to the Divine, is a timely reminder to get back into the Spiritual flow and work in a 5Dimensional heart, trusting the Creator.

I am in service to Spirit and as such will continue however the Universe sees fit and will keep balancing the giving and receiving because, even though I do not fit into the 3d standard business box, I will be provided for just because I exist. 

Foundation set, connection revamped, and trust rebuilt.

Linda Willow Roberts

Linda Willow Roberts

Linda Willow Roberts is a spiritual teacher, author and creator of ‘I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards’ based in Tasmania and offering her products and services anywhere in the world.

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