Video is Queen in the Marketing World by Deb Miles

Video is trending in digital marketing.  Are you using video? If not, what is holding you back?

Video is the best way to create connection when you cannot do it face-to-face.  It is a great way to build brand awareness, drive traffic, engage with your audience and create new client connections.  Video will help you build relationships with your current clients and attract new clients to your business.

Research has shown that 80% consumers prefer to watch video. 

Still many business owners are reluctant to embrace video as a way of engaging their audience. 

One of the biggest challenges to creating original video content is lack of video creation skills.  The easiest tools you can use to create video’s is your smart phone.  Make sure that if you are filming video, your microphone is working and you have adequate light.  It’s that simple.

Another challenge is not having a strategy for how you will reach your audience.  Knowing where to find your clients is an important part to ensuring your content reaches the right people.  Then having an idea of where you need to place that content.  Promotional videos such as testimonials, product or services or brand explainer videos should go on your website but cross promotion on social media can be done.  Short educational or behind-the-scenes videos can go on social media and be sent in emails.

Failure to plan out your content is one of great mistakes many video creators do make.  But it doesn’t have to be a full-on production.  Know your objective for doing the video, understand what your audience wants to hear, build your script around your core message, pick your location, grab your equipment and invite the people you want involved in your video and then commence filming.

Finally, the number one challenge that stops most people from using video is ego.   Not the “I am overly confident” ego but the “I am not good enough to be on video” or “I have nothing of value to say” ego.   Our mind has a funny way of self-sabotaging our own success.  And we already know by adding video to our marketing plan we can engage a wider audience and increase our success opportunity.

The most important tip here is practice, practice, practice.  Start with the simple planning points, pick a topic you know well and then film it.  Film it more than once if you need to.  Have fun and go for it. 

Know that you will make mistake.  You are human. Making mistakes is a good thing.  It makes you real to your audience. 

And of course, if you want a more professional looking video for your website, you should engage an expert in the field.  Need more advice on video production?  I am more than happy to help you out to get you started with your video content and link you in with a professional video producer.

Deb Miles

Deb Miles is a natural therapist and the pioneer of Mindful Marketing who supports heart-based businesses to combine their love and passion for what they do with the logical, analytical and practical components that come with successfully marketing a business that experiences growth and longevity.



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