What Animal Communication is NOT by Davina Herbert

What do you think of when you hear the words, “Animal Communication”?  Do you think that it’s a solution to get your animals to blindly follow your every command?  Do you think that it’s a magic once off session to ‘fix’ whatever is the perceived issue/problem with your animal companion?  I’m an Animal Communicator and I can tell you that is not the function of animal communication sessions.  So why book an animal communication session?  It is a way to deepen your connection with your animal companion and with yourself.  Animals do not speak in words.  They communicate in energy and thoughts.  Luckily our first language is also energy.  This means that we all speak the same language. 

What reasons do people have for booking an animal communication session?  There might be a behavioural issue with their animal companion e.g. urinating in the house/unit.  Sometimes people see a health issue in their animal companion and they want some insight into what is going on from the animal’s perspective.  I am not a vet and I do not treat, diagnose or prescribe.  In the sessions that I do with animals and humans, what I see is healing for both animal and human.  This can be through the animals reminding their human to stretch their comfort zone and go out and live life.  It can also be through the animals helping out with business ideas.  Do you feel that your animals are not listening to you?  Are there any other family members who you also feel are not listening to you?  Where are you not listening to yourself? 

In this world, we often find it safer to believe in separation.  It makes for a more comfortable life, rather than seeing the oneness in all.  If I believe that the issue e.g., not listening, is only an issue for my animal companion, then I don’t need to look at me.  Yet our animals are there to help us grow and evolve and to become better versions of ourselves.  What I see in every animal communication session is the oneness of all.  Time and time again with each different client, that is shown very clearly.  In an animal communication session, a health issue for an animal always has a connection with an issue for the human.  When we explore energetically what is going on and the human companion is willing to energetically receive from their animal companion, there is healing for both.  It’s always about you and never just about your animal companion.   

I am an animal communicator and author.  If you would like to have a better relationship with your animal companion, I do private sessions with humans and their animals.  I do online sessions for people and their animals all over the world.  For clients in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane and Moreton Bay areas, I also offer face to face sessions.  To book, you can connect with me on via my website

I look forward to helping you to connect on a deeper level with your animal companions.

Davina Herbert

Davina is the pioneer of Pet Energy Therapy and she uses her communication skills and an holistic approach to help restore balance for all your family- including the animal family members.

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