What you should know about cleaning chemicals found in your home by Victoria Brown

Do you ever worry about what chemicals you are exposing you, and your family to in and around the home?

Are you concerned about the potential long term harm some chemicals found in the home may be doing?

Are you concerned about the effect on the environment with using conventional cleaning products?

Do you, or your family, suffer from asthma or skin allergies that are aggravated with cleaning products?

If you have answered “YES”…and you want to avoid exposing your family to harsh chemicals then this is for you…

The good news is you are not alone and we can help. As a mum with young kids, and an asthma suffer, I was unable to clean my home without bringing on an attack. Whatever cleaning job I was doing, I could feel the effect on my lungs and breathing became difficult. Like many, I wanted a clean and sparkling home but found it was some of the chemicals found in mainstream cleaners and other products around the home which directly impacted my airways. I became extremely concerned that if using conventional cleaning products could do this to me, what were these chemicals doing to my children?

After buying our specialist cleaning business, we really wanted to develop a range that would be safe for anyone with known allergies or sensitivities. It was also important that anything we designed had to be safer for the environment too. Today many families who do not suffer with allergies, still want to avoid exposing their families to the vast range of chemicals and toxins found in many household products from cleaners, cosmetics and sunscreens to packaging, paints and perfumes.

We have developed a cleaning range called PuraChoice which has been scientifically designed with you, and your family’s health in mind. But first let me tell you something about these chemicals found in conventional cleaners.

Did you know that cleaning chemicals for domestic use are not regulated by any regulatory bodies such as TGA, NICNAS or APVMA, which means we are exposing our families to a number of chemicals without taking any precautions? Most cleaning products do not declare on the label what chemicals are used, so we don’t even know what’s in them! If found in a commercial setting, then many chemicals, such as bleach, would need to be declared as hazardous and need to be handled using protective clothing and eye wear.

The good news is that these potentially harmful chemicals can be avoided. Check out the labels of products you use at home and switch to products that do not have these harmful materials. PuraChoice has been developed in conjunction with leading experts to create effective yet safer cleaning products.

If you or family, suffer with asthma or allergies, then PuraChoice is the only choice when it comes to cleaning your home. PuraChoice has been specifically designed to give you that sparkling finish while being kind to you and the environment.

Made with essential oils and plant-based ingredients that do not aggravate sensitive skin, allergies or asthma. What began as the project of an asthmatic mum, is now the saviour of households across Australia!

You can buy PuraChoice from our website (https://www.rubbedin.com.au/purachoice.php)


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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