What We Can Each do To Manage Change by Tatiana Savery

My advice is that each one of us focus on our own vibrational frequency
and it’s a time for us to undo learned beliefs about who we are.
Rather than searching for some thing or someone out in the world of
illusions, let us all focus on our inward journey. When we shift within,
our outside world shifts with us. We can walk together; the truth is
when one falls behind, we all fall behind; when one gains, we all gain.

What I see every day within those using the frequency technologies are
as varied as the individuals. The common results are people feel better,
pain disappears, energy is restored, more peace is experienced. When the
body changes frequency, perception changes. There are many wonderful
concepts, tools and modalities for connecting to what I refer to as
‘right mindedness’. Frequency technologies are a results driven field
that can allow us to make new choices from our ‘right mind’. Many people
today struggle with the ability to meditate or having an attitude of
gratitude or ‘positivity’ especially when suffering pain, disease or a
difficult life situation. These technologies can assist rewiring the
mind and in so, shift the frequency of the mind and then body.

This year I see each of us truly understanding this through
experience and it will be a magnum force of Spirit coming through.
I see all of us becoming new Spirits and leaving the human aspects behind.
We will begin to all have experiences that cannot be explained. We are
transitioning into a new world where we really do breathe as one, we are
one Spirit, every action we take affects everyone. It always has. But
now we will really be feeling it. The matrix is being dissolved. It can
be tumultuous as we transition but we will transition to the new world
where everyone will be multi-sensory. Those who have the need for
separation may have more difficulties and also with the bio spiritual
way. We have always been bio spiritual; now the affects will be more
felt. During this transition it will be helpful to remember every choice
is an act of creation.

Let us all encourage and support each other during this time. If one
person receives a session to shift their frequency, it has an effect upon
thousands. We can change the world to more ease, peace, love and joy.


Tatiana Savery

Tatiana Savery is an international healer, entrepreneur, founder of Love Divinity, Frequency Academy and brings empirical knowledge and research based in the fields of epigenetics, bio energetics, frequency technology, integrative nutrition and spirituality.

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