Whispers by Alexis Moon

Where to start? As a multi-talented creative, I can find inspiration all around me. Channelling my energies into a particular direction.

Takes focus that sometimes doesn’t last long.

Some may see me as scattered or a social butterfly, sipping at the nectar from one flower before flying to the next.

Each flower offers a different flavour or experience in life.

I used to judge these tendencies I displayed.

I wondered why I couldn’t settle, moving from one thing to another.

It’s the different experiences that my own soul is choosing, creating a myriad of colourful threads in the tapestry of life.

Even in the middle of one article or project, my brain is skipping ahead with downloads of other ideas that I could play with.

It takes a little discipline to stay on track and the willingness to allow myself to see where the road wishes to lead me. Allowing life to flow and not try to control everything. This is the life I lead and as I’ve gotten a little older, hopefully a little wiser, I’ve become more comfortable with myself and where I am in life.

It truly is about the journey.

Might sound corny yet feels so true and real for where I step now.

So how do you know where to start and what to do?

Whispers. Your soul, higher self, and support crew (angels, spirit guides etc) are always in the wings, waiting to help. All you need do is reach out and ask.

Not necessarily the easiest space to navigate.

Most of us have been taught to be independent, self-reliant, and shy away from looking like we need help from others. We can do it all ourselves.

My mentality used to be I’m a strong, independent women and I can do it all myself. Have learnt (and still learning) that it’s ok to ask for help and to be supported by those around me.

I learnt this the hard way, as many of us do. Being a mum and wife as well as everything else, I was the one to push ahead and get things done. That’s just what I did.

It wasn’t until a little further down the track that those whispers stopped trying to gently get my attention and they became a roar that I couldn’t escape.

Life took some unexpected turns and now I’m learning to listen more intently, so I don’t need to be shaken and stirred to hear what guidance is available for me.

As we travel together, we are being asked to reach out, allowing connection, collaboration, and communication to weave more consciously into our lives.

Perhaps if we all remember how to listen to those quiet whispers, we won’t need to wait till there is an issue that forces us to make changes.

We can all meet and support each other and co-create a world we know is possible together.

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Alexis Moon

Alexis Moon is an Intuitive, Healer, Speaker, Interviewer, Storyteller, aspiring Author and is married with 2 teenage sons.

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