Evolution of the Earth-Star by Talia Stephens

The journey of a Starseed, especially in their early years, can be filled with the illusion of separation. The wrenching pain of knowing you are different but not knowing why with the inability to voice the emptiness within you. You disguise a desperate yearning for a time and place you have no memory of. A feeling that you don’t belong, that a part of you is missing, always searching, feeling so alone.

If this describes you, I get it. Being human can be difficult. But, this does not need to be your story. For those Starseeds who consciously move beyond separation into congruence with their humanness, they evolve potently into their purpose. They see the beauty and sacredness of their human experience. They no longer judge, reject or hold themselves back in the shadows. They stand tall as their integrated Earth-Star selves with an unwavering sense of worthiness and belonging.

So, how do you as a Starseed evolve into this state? First, it is important to recognise that you may have influences beyond your present reality; past lives, parallel lives, star lives, genetic history and over soul energies. All kept as soul memories, all happening now. These influences need to be seen as allies and not a hindrance. Secondly, you recognise how lucky you are to have a body of matter that filters these connections so you are not bombarded with every little detail at once.

Life has always left breadcrumbs of your star connections. But it can feel like you are in the middle of a desert with a map to an underground aquatic city – confusing to say the least. It’s time to look at the right map and combine your human-sphere and star-sphere to create the vesica piscis of your existence. If you get the balance just right, you start living in the enigmatic in-between state of the best of both worlds.

I have seen undeniable transformations through client sessions. Once they have understood the lessons of their influences, the path is made clear to name their cosmic connections. Naming a star, a planet, a people all may seem superficial to some, however, the frequency of these names provide instant connection and a clear focal point for manifestation.

With one client, we were able to name the frequency and origin of her light language from Antares. She experienced instant connection and physical release. The frequency of her light language elevated and I saw her ability to change atoms and molecules instantly.

Another client discovered her position as a revered member of a Sirius council which resonated with her deeply. The doorways opened up and she can now tap into her council wisdom and truth with precision and accuracy. She regained her confidence and stepped into her power, without arrogance, feeling important and valued. She has claimed who she is with clarity on her purpose to help others to raise the frequency of Earth.

Another example, a Sirius-Arcturian Starseed who discovered he was here to triangulate his energies with Earth and bring in sacred geometry light codes to assist the accension.

As for one of my own experiences, I discovered the source of my crippling sense of loss and loneliness. I recalled my Lyran exo-planet being obliterated behind me as the last ship left the stratosphere. The remnants of our people living in despair and wandering the universe searching for a new home. Through this, I brought forth forgiveness into the memory for those who had sinned against us and evolved into my calling as a spiritual teacher.

I understand that these experiences may seem outlandish to some. But for these individuals, it lightened the burden of emptiness and they can now accept themselves as a treasured part of existence with a vital role to play here on Earth.

The fact is, as you are now, you are meant to be. A beautiful Earth-Star with cosmic connections and value beyond measure.

Talia Stephens, All That Is Healing


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Cosmic Readings and Activation sessions are available with Talia if you would like to explore your star connections.

Talia Stephens

Talia is a teacher of cosmic wisdom, connecting her clients with deeper levels of consciousness to bring awareness and alignment with their divine truth and healing.

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