A Collective Return to Our Feminine Roots, Authentic Self Expression & New Way Forward by Krystle Sturgess

Feminine Energy is rising. This feminine energy does not exclude men, rather it is all inclusive and vital to ALL life on earth, no matter one’s gender.

Feminine energy is rising, and the collective is changing greatly from it. Change allows us to shift, break down, burn, let go of what is no longer working, locate, find & acknowledge what does and provides us with the opportunity to explore, express and create a new foundation, as we plant the seeds of sustainable growth (with earth, heart and soul coherence) and ushers in a new way forward.

Since 2020, most on Earth have experienced a great change and if not great change, one mighty shake-up. We all know change requires a process. Usually that process is quite disruptive and destructive. It can often be an extremely messy process to go through and can often leave one feeling raw and very exposed.

Change demands, requires and inspires transformation. This transformational process is evident in nature, with her natural life cycles of birth, life, death & rebirth and her forever changing yet constant seasons and continual phases of light to dark, cold to hot… in a great transformational process of change. Just like Earth, our body is also in the cosmic dance with the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets. Manifested, embodied and birthed through the womb, all life flows through the divine feminine cosmic womb. As the feminine energies rise, we learn to return to our natural roots to reclaim, restore, nourish, balance, honour and harmonise the masculine and feminine polarities and energies within and without. That requires change. Great change for earth and our earthly body no matter the gender.

In recent times, the collective experienced the physical world shift through great local and global restrictions and fear mongering. Even if this did not change one’s usual routine, it allowed most souls on earth the opportunity to experience life differently. This created a huge ripple effect and opportunity for many to experience a shift in routine, perspective, values or they had fundamental belief systems challenged, that otherwise may have been ignored due to our previously busy, loud and demanding lifestyles.

No matter your age, gender or the size of a shift felt, small gradual shifts ultimately lead to a huge change later down the track. In a man made materialistic world, change on the exterior may not always mean a real change on the interior. Yet, Mother Earth, Nature, Feminine Cycles and Natural Lore, all teach us that change is inevitable and all change leads to a transformation. The transformative process is the very energetic life force that ignites, lights and illuminates the darkness, moving and vibrating sounds into song and dance or the elements into season. A change on the exterior ultimately means changes on the interior and vice versa. “As above, so below, as within as without”.

A change that occurs externally/internally, may be an uncomfortable process to endure, yet the process offers us the perfect opportunity to internally review, reconnect, balance, harmonise and re-evaluate. This process helps to expose our weaknesses and highlight the darker underworld, unattractive, unsatisfied, unsustainable, unflattering, undesirable aspects, so we can excavate, clear and create space so we can become more aware of our authentic soul vibration and move more into alignment with our core heart and soul values wishing to be explored, expressed & experienced. Transformation occurs so we can ultimately embody the beautiful life force from within, accentuating all that which flows through all living things. Transformation can also reveal our beautiful raw, small, yet mighty presence and divine connection to nature & cosmic consciousness.

Change and transformation is your invitation to consciously ground and embody life with earth, heart & soul coherence, to flow with nature in the cosmic dance and harmonise the masculine and feminine energies within, so it ripples throughout the collective and benefits all life on this sacred Earth.

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Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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