Humanity is Ascending by Paulette Cartier

We are witnessing the dawning of a New Age. 2022 brings a spiritual awareness to humanity, to claim back our sovereignty and become empowered within our avatars (physical bodies). Revelations for this year will herald in for humanity, new global systems, “The Great Awakening” and peaceful/prosperity solutions for humanity to THRIVE instead of surviving. We are infinite beings with no beginning or end that have soul experiences. In this lifetime, we are raising our consciousness and becoming an ascended race. Our galactic family are watching and cheering us on as the old system of low density/vibration is falling away, to make change for the heightened frequency of love enveloping Gaia (consciousness of earth) and all that is here. We have the opportunity to live in peace through the connection to our hearts. Transmuting our shadow side allows us to carry more light and love. This in turn creates a higher density (dimension) for humanity as we co-create with Source/God.

I’m offering phone/Skype readings and have over 30 years esoteric experience here in NZ and internationally. I channel information from your divine guide family that helps support your journey here on Gaia.

I work with you to gain clarity in your current situation, as well as your past and future. Guidance and support from the spiritual realms are transformative and insightful, allowing you to thrive.

Discover what your gifts are in creating the life you imagine.

Find out why and how to release unwanted belief systems.

We’ll look at any aspect of your life that requires clarity.

Being centered in knowingness brings joy and peace on many levels.

I’ll answer any questions you might have about your past, present and future.

I work in compassion giving authentic readings that connect with you.

These readings are always in the flow of universal love bringing forth the alignment of empowerment.

My Life Growing Up

I was born into a family with a Māori Mum and my Dad having French/English ancestry.

Both my parents had spiritual gifts.

I gravitated towards my Māori whakapapa (ancestry) as it made more sense to me. I’m still learning to speak Māori however this connection I have is more of a knowingness within.

I remember years ago my Nanny (Mum’s mother) told us mokopuna (grandchildren) that Aunty was here, Aunty had passed over years ago. This type of kōrero (speech} is generally widely accepted as being part of our culture, the understanding that our tūpuna (ancestors) are with us and we’re with them.

Over the years I’ve worked in many industries i.e., nursing, mental health, health food shops etc, always keeping my understanding of esoteric knowledge.

Humanity is shifting into a higher consciousness and we’ve never done this before as a race. We’re letting go of any belief systems that stop us from evolving which can be very difficult because of the need to step outside our comfort zone. However, there is only one Cosmic Law of, “free will, free choice” here on Earth. It is your soul’s choice; therefore, you decide how you live your life. Right now, there are many old soul’s and light workers helping with the shift in consciousness. To witness the changing of the old paradigm to the new Heaven on Earth is an exciting time. A world that is honouring our magnificence through peace, love and joy.

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Mobile in New Zealand: +64 021 990 723


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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