A Loving Mother Earth story by Sharne Young

Take this story and it’s moral as you will.  It is a magical journey after all.

The tallest tree stood at the top of the hill. Her branches could reach the sky. Clouds sat lazily around her canopy and kept her moist and nourished with rain. She bloomed once a year when the sun rose up to its highest peak and the clouds scattered for a time. Her flowers were of all the colours of the many rainbows.  Her fragrance travelled the land guiding the birds to sing and the fauna to rejoice. Her leaves were all the leaves of the land. Oak and elm, ash, birch, gum and pine. They changed gently with the seasons and fell to the floor below if they chose in order to be renewed again.

She was the Mother Tree – Arbora, the mother of the land, the giver of fertility and nourishment to all. When the wind blew her leaves danced. When it rained, the water trickled down gracefully from her leaves and barks to loam and woodland beings underneath her, who sheltered in her care. Around her were her children. Great trees that formed the forest of the mountain wilds and the hills. Young trees that wanted to stretch their limbs as high as the mother to be near her as they grew to maturity.

Many beings lived in the canopy and under stories of the forest of the Great Trees including the wise elementals. They assisted the forest to grow- spreading the seeds of the bluebells and raspberry, hawthorn and daisy, grasses, and herbs.  All beings, insect, and animals large and small, rejoiced in their fortune in living in the most beautiful land ever seen.

At the edge of the forest beyond the hill ran Daughter River. She flowed around the mountains and through the hills and out again to the valley below. Her waters were clear and sweet. She frothed over the brother rocks and sister pebbles, creating glittering sands that followed her to the mouth of the vastness of the salt sea. The God of the Salt Sea welcomed the Daughter River, his embrace merging with her own so that to look upon their waters they were one and the same. Clear and sweet, salty, and rich. Where the River merged with the Sea, the elemental beings of the waters lived. They nurtured the creatures around the water’s edge, feeding the birds, and water animals, keeping the reeds and lilies abundant. Merpeople and their cousins the dolphin guarded the sea, honouring the shark, the whale, turtle, and fish. They tended the kelp forests and the coral reefs with great care and gratitude.

In the valley where the tall grass grew, the soil was rich and gave bounty of fruits and nuts, grains, and berries. The animals of the plains and valley walked side by side with man, and the Greater Elementals. They shared in the bounty of the valley, ate, and drank of Daughter River which nourished their bodies and awakened their minds, helping them remember the beauty and honour in living in such a paradise.

Some say this was the land of the Earth before it was broken to be remade. Where all worked in harmony and lived long lives on Gaia. The Great Mother Earth. The most bountiful of all planets, where any Being may reside in joy and grace. Where anything may be created if it be in love and wisdom.

Deep within our cellular memories there is the resonance of this ‘peace on Earth”.  Many wonder too, why we were disconnected from it.  Some reason that it was so we could discover other ways of being in the light in order to eventually remember again with greater understanding why we came here.

This story is not about reconnection. It is a reminder, that your body is a temple, your world is a temple, a sacred and still magically abundant place. It reminds you to get out of your own way. Smell the ozone, feel the bark of the trees nearby, their warmth and peaceful presence.  The trees remember everything. They remember who we are and where we are from – all of us. If you sit close enough and allow your mind and heart to float within the tree, you may sense that the trees still see the light that shines around us and all beings around them. They remember the Mother Tree. 

When you bath in the sea next time, quiet your mind, be still and listen to the soft song the waves play of the time when the Mer left this realm to guard the secrets that the sea keeps. The cities of coral and crystallised sand, the memory of the time when the river fed the sea, and the sea loved the river. Hold within the knowing that we are magical beings who came here to create and live in joy and grace. We are not separate from the Earth.  We were nurtured under the Mother Trees’ guidance just as all the beings of that time. 

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Sharne Young

Sharne is a registered nurse, an empath, a Usui Reiki Master, a serenity vibration healing practitioner; an angel intuitive and the co-author of 'The Ancients' and creator of 'The Channelled Galaxy Oracle'.

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