A NEW YEAR BEGINS by Yvonne Fregon

Time to begin life anew, a new season, a new year; a new year of interesting activities yet to unfold. Many will treat this time as a new beginning, a new start to move forward in your plans, your actions to fulfill, or begin to think about your dreams. Reach for the stars and put those dreams into action.

We spoke about slow breathing previously, sitting quietly and going within and asking your questions and waiting for an answer that comes while you sit quietly, or as a result of your dreams. We hope you have followed such techniques to help guide you on this new path, this path in a new year.

A new year, a new upwards tilt or lilt in your heart and voice and actions as you strive forward to achieve your goals, or to at least start to put some plans that you have been thinking about into action, into reasonable steps that over time can be achieved by you.

It is important, and a tradition I think in your world, to write down all the things that you wish to happen, to achieve in the year ahead.

Yes, in this time the world can truly be your oyster as you dream wildly. Expand the scope of your thinking. Dare to dream big and think big and then, once this has been done you may go within and meditate on the realistic or the reality of these many choices, these many ideas you have.

Some may be very small and easy to achieve some goals. Some may require lengthy planning over time.  But remember to use the tools you have learnt from in this year that has gone by, nearly gone by and start to plan once you outline your dreams, short- medium- and long-term actions and strategies.

Doing such a thing gives you confidence, helps you focus on what it is you need to do now and into your future. And do not be surprised if some of these plans be discarded along the way, as it is not unusual to change direction if a better, more realistic opportunity appears.

But remember to make time for your practice of going within and asking for help, and assistance and guidance. And no, do not be disappointed if one or more plans do not come to fruition. It just may not be your time to achieve that right now in this time.

It is all about learning, the process of learning, planning, developing your inner strengths and your abilities to take action when required, and to not be stubborn in asking for help. Help is always at hand, either in the physical environment or in the inner or spiritual world.

We feel a lightening in your steps as you move through the year ahead. Your planning, your ideas, your goals will give you and your actions will help you to achieve and give you a sense of self achievement, self-worth and more importantly, self-love.

Again, always remember to be aware of the world around you and to continue to dismiss or protect yourself from negativity in the world from others. Yes, criticism can be constructive as long it is done or given with love in the heart, with heart felt love to assist and guide you.

Be open to such assistance and tweaking of your plans but always be aware to keep yourself above the darkness and to keep walking in the light with love in your heart and goodwill to others wherever they are.

We look forward to watching your progress as you move along your path. Go with love and blessings, my dear friends.


Yvonne Fregon

Yvonne (Evie) is the founder of Owl House Arts – heart and soul services. Her purpose is to bring together products and services to bring healing, hope, love and comfort to people anywhere in the world who are having a tough time with life.

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