Listen to the whispers of your soul by Jacqueline Koloski

As we settle into the New Year, I am finding that many of us are aware of the lighter energy that is about. A huge shift has occurred in letting 2023 go. All that was weighing heavily on us and all that we were desiring to let go has gone. You no longer need this. January is a time for us to become present with ourselves and take the time to look within and ask ourselves, “What do I want 2024 to be for me?” Have you stopped and asked yourself this? It is not about rushing to decide or acting hastily, it is to really be honest with who we are, where we are at and what it is we would love to change. The new world is upon us and this is the time to do and be different to who we have been previously. It is time for us light workers to keep shining and lighting the path for all who choose more. Light the path so that many know they are not alone and they may join us in creating this new world that is there for us. All that you know is possible and available to you, is there. It is waiting for you. Waiting for you to step into what it is you are here for. This can be anything at all. It could be the gift of being kind and loving to yourself and see this radiate to those around you. It could be to share your wisdom and experiences with others through social media, a book, blogging or any way that feels right for you. 

Light workers, we need you. We need you to share, connect and guide. If you have felt a calling and have been reluctant to share, now is the time. It doesn’t all need to be completed and perfect before you share. Make a start and trust that it will evolve and fall into place as needed. Trust that you are guided and listen. Listen to the whispers of your soul, calling and guiding you along the way. One way to do this is to stop. Stop and take time for yourself. Take time to rejuvenate and replenish yourself. This could be time in nature, sleeping in, taking a nap, drinking more water, eating better foods, reading a book, listening to a podcast or music, time at the beach, journalling or anything else that reconnects you to you. Honour yourself enough to take this time to connect deeper within, listen and trust what you know is in your heart and waiting to be heard.

If you are feeling “stuck” , be kind to yourself. Look at what is feeling stuck. Why do you feel stuck? Where do you feel as though you cannot make a choice to move and change things? Is it the right time to choose something different? Sometimes even though we may feel stuck, it can be a time for us to be patient and wait. Wait for more information to fall into place before we can move ahead. This is why it is good to ask ourselves questions about where we are at so we may know what is going on. Be truthful and be ok with staying as you are for now, if that is what is required. Trust yourself, trust that you will know when it is time to make the move needed. This may feel uncomfortable and this is ok. Often being uncomfortable is a message to call our attention to the fact that change is now needed. It will show itself to you. Trust the process.

This new year has a lightness to it. A lightness from which when you look within, open your heart, you will know what is needed for you and the greater humanity. We are all connected and it is time for us to connect deeper to our fellow humans. It is time to look beyond the judgements, differences, competition, greed and everyone out for themselves. Light workers you have been shing the way for many a lifetime and now it is time for you to shine even brighter with your message of love, kindness, connection and compassion for all. Be that beacon of hope that we all need. Each of you has a special gift to offer and people who are drawn to your energy and words of wisdom will listen and find you. They are waiting for you. Share the magic that is you.

For me personally 2024 started with the launch of my first book – Jacq’s Musings. It’s been in the making for seven years. I didn’t know that it would be a book when I started writing. Jacq’s Musings is a compilation of personal reflections, like diary entries for my healing after various life experiences that left me feeling lost. I had forgotten who I was and writing allowed me to explore and heal. 

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You can also have a read of my other articles on the Holistic Bliss website which also give you more tools, questions and strategies.

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Love and Gratitude

Jacq xx

Jacq Koloski

Jacq Koloski is an intuitive energy mentor and accomplished author, who empowers individuals to find clarity, heal, flourish and craft a life they love through her workshops and sessions.

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