A Radical Change In My Life by Sally Holden

This one thing radically changed my life forever….

I know that might sound cliché’ but the fact is, it’s absolutely true.

Learning how to actually value, love and cherish myself, radically changed my life in so many ways.

As women we can be so hard on ourselves at times.

As I shared in my book “A Joyful Life”, I realised that so many of my relationships and experiences I had in life, were a direct and sometimes very painful reflection of how I actually felt about myself, the repetitive thoughts I had and the emotions I experienced daily.

The more I learnt how to challenge all of the painful thoughts and beliefs that I had about myself, and changed my inner narrative, the more my external reality changed.

I not only attracted healthier relationships, that reflected my sense of worth back to me, but more money, more health and more vitality was a natural bi-product of learning how to love and value myself as a person.

Healing the parts of myself that I’d rejected, made wrong, hated, or loathed made such a difference to how I treated myself and how I also allowed myself to be treated by others.

It gave me confidence to set healthy boundaries, to ask for things much more clearly and directly (so much better than passive/aggressive) and gave me the courage to create a life I love.

At times this meant putting myself out there even though I was terrified, to speak up about things that I knew I needed to and over time I developed so much more compassion and empathy for others, as I was no longer so triggered by them, because I had healed so much within myself.

Increasing my self-love and healing the wounds and disempowering narrative I had held in my mind for 32 years of my life, also transformed my relationship with my daughters and how I showed up as a parent.

Healing my relationship with myself, also meant transforming the years of shame I’d held about my body.

If you would love to massively increase your self-love, improve your energy and get back to thriving make sure you join me on Thursday the 18th of April at 10am for our next FREE Monthly Training Session, “Thriving with Self-Love” in our Thrive Community Facebook group click below to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thrivereclaimyourenergyandpassionforlife

In this powerful training I’ll be sharing the exact tools that I used to transform my beliefs and thoughts about myself to radically shift my self-love and below is also a quick tip that has really supported my self-love over the years.

It is a powerful question I used to ask myself daily and in situations where I didn’t know how to love and validate myself and when I really had no idea what self-love even was.

  • What would someone who truly loved & valued themselves do today, (or in this situation)?

Whatever comes up for you, is your own hearts guidance and intuition, leading you back to yourself.

If you resonate deeply with wanting to improve your self-love and you would love some extra support with this, we also have our next Thrive With Self-Love Retreat at Callala Beach, in NSW Australia on the 12th of September, email me at admin@sallyholden.com.au to find out more!

(We are literally 100 metres from the waters edge, with yoga, sound healings, incredible sunrises, beach meditations, soul food, sauna and beautiful deep healing conversations with like-minded women. ONLY 3 spaces left.)

Love and Blessings,

Sal x



Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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