All in Good Time by Sharne Young

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I live every day in joy?”. 

What is ‘joy’ to you?  Are you afraid of feeling too much joy in your life?  Are you waiting for joy or life to happen to you?

I sometimes feel like I am waiting for something to happen, with times of quiet, times of joy and magic and then ‘nothing going on’, as if I am in a queue waiting for my turn…

Card 33 “All in Good Time” reminds us to live life to the full:

‘The queues for peace, grief, joy and anger looked long. So, I got on the shortest queue: death. After a while, a man wearing a golden robe asked why I was here. I told him I didn’t want to wait a long time’.

‘He kindly explained that the queue for death was the longest of all. He told me that if I line up for joy, then peace and contentment will naturally follow with no queuing needed, and if I allow it, I’ll experience all the other options on the way to death. On the contrary, if I take death now, I will have to go through the process of waiting until it happens, perhaps in sadness and lack, only to line up again for rebirth and start from scratch’.

‘I decided to leave death and joined the very long queue of joy. Surprisingly, it was moving very fast, so I decided to enjoy joy for the rest of my life’.


Enough waiting for life to happen to you! Seize the opportunities that bring you joy. Don’t be worried that you may get hurt or not make good decisions – it is all part of living. Let go of the old fear-based lessons. Yes, this can be difficult, but it is the better alternative to a sort of death by self-destruction and self-pity. Set the intention to heal any pain and suffering that is blocking you from living joyously. Seek support for this deep healing.

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Sharne Young

Sharne is a registered nurse, an empath, a Usui Reiki Master, a serenity vibration healing practitioner; an angel intuitive and the co-author of 'The Ancients' and creator of 'The Channelled Galaxy Oracle'.

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