April Soul Scopes By Marion Hutton – The Soul Awakening Strategist

So, here we are in April already, can you believe it?! Our month begins with a kick-arse new moon in Aries on the 1st, ushering in fresh energy to rally our emotions around courageous action in the area of life where Aries is in our charts. If you have planets or placements in Aries, this New Moon will amplify their effect.

On the same day, the Sun, Moon and Mercury open a healing portal so we can create space for more of our own soul’s light to come in. Wounds around abandonment and worthiness may surface at this time. Just notice any anxiety or fear rising up within your body, allow yourself to sit with these feelings in solitude and silence and express them however feels best for you. Speaking words out aloud, writing poetry, journaling, or even typing a letter to the person who activated these emotions (even if you don’t send it) is important now to facilitate the healing of these wounds. Healing activities in April will be extremely powerful so allow yourself time, space and energy to do this soul work, you’ll be glad you did because on the other side of this is more freedom and the energy to go forward with your life purpose. Hand in hand with this is scheduling those activities which nourish us too, in ways that remind us that taking care of ourselves first is our ultimate responsibility to each other, and the world.

On the 5th, Mars joins Saturn, providing a dose of reality about where we are investing our time and energy. Saturn wants us to be very discerning and only invest in those things, and people, we know we can commit to in the longer term. Any waste will come into sharp focus at this time, and may be cut away if it’s not serving our highest good. If situations or people suddenly leave your life, please know the universe has your back fully and completely so the quicker you can come to a place of acceptance, the better.

The other huge cosmic even this month is the gorgeous meeting of Jupiter and Neptune on the 12th a once in 166 year event! In Pisces, these celestial beings show us how to live our best life through the unifying force of unconditional love. What we believe about our deservingness to receive love is the theme of this transit. See how it links back to the healing we did earlier in the month? This is why it’s important to do our inner work, so our experience in our outer world matches with what we deeply desire. Even the most pessimistic souls may start to believe in the power of love now. Twin Flame (re)unions are on the cards now, especially with Venus joining at the end of April, making it even more important to acknowledge those unhealed parts of ourselves and take responsibility for our on-going healing journey. As we heal, grow and evolve our Twin Flame is magnetically drawn to us and we are able to fulfil a higher mission together with this person.

On that note, let’s now turn to the forecast for each sign for April. Read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant for a complete picture of your month ahead. Sending you so much love.

This month it is important to see your past with a different mindset so you can welcome a fresh start. Past experiences have shaped you into the wonderful person you are today, so thank them for their service and leave them behind, once and for all. If you feel you cannot let go, seek professional help to fully release the emotional charge from your body. Disappointment, sadness and grief are natural emotions, so if you haven’t allowed yourself to process the past, this month is the time. Your past can only define you if you let it. Processing and releasing will allow you to embrace a positive, new direction of hope in your heart. It is important to also forgive yourself for your role in all situations where you acted out of guilt, shame, regret or fear. Give yourself time to process and energetically cleanse with a deep knowing that you are creating a container in which to receive more joyful experiences and feel true hope for the future.

This month is all about making decisions that align with your heart and feel right for you. Not what society, your family or friends believe, or even what you think you should do. Trust your emotional compass to guide you this month as it always has your highest good at heart. Allow yourself to imagine the best possible outcome for this particular situation and make your decision from this place. There is also a need to detoxify from emotions that are locked within your body. Talk them out, sweat them out, or energetically clear them out – emotion needs motion in order to be released. Doing so will bring peace to any decisions you need to make. Crack open your heart light this month, allow people in and flow unconditional love into your world and the people in it. You’ll be amazed at what happens.

April is a month of abundance and luxury for you, Gemini! You have worked hard for it all and now is the time to enjoy everything that is coming in for you. You deserve it! Indulge in something just for you this month, a gift or something that pampers you, have a little splurge, it will lift your spirit. Financial independence is also indicated with a focus on taking practical measures to build material comfort, whatever that means for you. Earth energy surrounds you this month too, providing resources and support for your physical being. Everything in nature resonates with Divine intelligence, there is spirituality in nature’s perfection, and in our own physical form. Feel the power of our great Earth Mother this month. By appreciating the beauty in everything, including your body, you vibrate with the energy of gratitude and invite more abundance into your life. Allow your physical senses to discern what feels good and right for you, and do more of it this month. It’s time to really enjoy the physical pleasures of life! 

More of that loving feeling for you this month, Cancer. You are filled with love and a forgiving heart. You intuitively know how to honour your emotional needs this month too. No matter the sadness, disappointment or pain you have experienced, you still find love in the deepest reserves of your heart and soul. Love from this place is infinitely more exquisite and unconditional. It really is an important time for you to share how you feel and open up to a more vulnerable state of living. The path of emotional mastery is one of your biggest journeys in this life and it comes from tending to your own emotional needs as a priority. When we allow ourselves to properly feel and go through the process of healing, our self-love deepens and spontaneously emits a light into the world that attracts people to us that can see it, appreciate it and celebrate it. Emotional fulfilment is in the stars for you this April, enjoy every loved-up moment, Cancer. Just when you thought your heart couldn’t grow any bigger, boom! 

Friendships and soul tribes are in focus for you this month, Leo. Gather with your closest friends and celebrate being alive! Social functions and fun outings are de rigour for you in April, as a way of invigorating your spirit and forgetting about the daily grind which can dull your shine. It’s okay to let your hair down and indulge in some good old-fashioned shenanigans! Revel in the delight of your friendships and how important they are for your mental, emotional and spiritual health. I’m talking about the friends with whom you can be your most authentic self without having to wear a mask or keep yourself small. Social activities will boost your confidence and you may even make a new soul family connection this month too. The emotional nourishment of friends who celebrate you and are there for you through it all, is priceless. Celebrate this specialness!

You may experience obsessive thoughts this month as you try to process an emotional situation using your rational mind. The reason your thoughts are obsessive is because you are trying to believe that logic will help you to bypass the pain you are feeling. You must do all you can in a situation then surrender to the higher power to work out the details of when and how it will be resolved. When you do this, you step into universal flow and allow things to unfold as they need to – this removes the need to do head miles over things you can’t control. Be open to receiving guidance and healing from Archangel Michael about this situation, and take particular note of your dreams as there are Divine messages being presented to you as potential solutions. Once you shift into a spiritual perspective you will feel calmer in the knowledge that the universe is always working for you, never against.


You may need to flip your usual decision making process on its head this month, Libra. You are extremely competent at helping others with their decisions, but when it comes to your own, you can be all up in your head about it! It’s difficult to be objective with yourself. But that’s the point of your guidance this month. Your decisions this month are all about subjectivity, not logical analysis or external evidence. Rather, your psychic knowing and feelings are your best guides, even in the face of professional advice. You know yourself best and so you must make your decisions from a place of integrity and peace within yourself. Do not be concerned about what others think, stay strong in your own decisions this month comforted by the fact that, in that place of integrity, each decision you make is the best one you can make at the time.

Regret, disappointment and sadness can keep you in an emotional holding pattern. An apology or forgiveness ritual will help to feel better about a situation or person. You cannot change the past, all you can do is learn from the experience and begin to open your heart to joy again. If you feel you made a mistake, reach out and make an apology, even if your relationship with this person doesn’t continue, you know you have been true to yourself and expressed your regret in an open and honest way that will help to process and release it. A forgiveness meditation may also work wonders, to help you cry and release. This human gig is not easy sometimes, but our most painful experiences are designed to propel us further into being the best version of ourselves. Don’t punish yourself because you said or did something you now regret. Make amends in a way that feels right for you. In time you understand why this situation had to happen, for your benefit. There is a silver lining to every regret.


This is the month to believe in yourself and take the leap towards a more fulfilling life. Your heart is guiding you toward some truly amazing experiences that you know lie beyond your current comfort zone. Spirit is guiding you and all you need to do is lean in. You don’t need to make things happen, you just need to follow the desire of your heart, leave it to the universe to work out the how and the when. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect, that’s just a stalling tactic arising from fear. Part of the joy of life is learning through experience and it is time for you to leave the bench and go on to the playing field where you will truly come to understand and appreciate the highs of wins and lows of defeat and trust in your Divine plan. Enjoy the sacred journey you are about to undertake, confident in the knowledge that the universe always has your back. It is your time to truly live and forge a deeper relationship with yourself, others and spirit. Take the leap. What are you waiting for?!

Observing situations from a position of neutrality is key for you this month. Honesty and humour in are your tools of choice as you navigate decisions and assess courses of action with fairness and objectivity. You have the ability to see clearly and not be swayed by emotions or hidden agendas. Your perception is razor sharp and you can rely on your judgement completely as April unfolds. This is a powerful time to speak your truth and be heard. Choose your words wisely as your words are extremely potent this month and can certainly be a weapon if you speak in haste or reactivity. You may also receive insights into the truth of a situation which had you confused or frustrated, clarity may come through a sudden realisation. Humour is your diplomatic super power in April and will help to smooth over tense situations or conflicts. A Gemini, Libra or Aquarius person may be significant in your life this month.

Buckle in Aquarius as you are set to receive communication of an exciting new adventure that will light up your spirit.  It could be a new person coming into your life, a new job, or creative endeavour. Whatever it is, it feels like a lucky break and will spark your passion and need to be part of something greater than yourself. You will be inspired to accept this offer, even if you think you’re not quite ready. Someone has noticed your talent and virtues and wants to see you grow and soar. Your enthusiasm and desire to succeed provide the ideal fuel for this adventure. Say yes and work out the details later. You do not need a plan right now. All you need to do is trust your instincts and if you are equally excited and nervous then you know you are on the right path. This is a wonderful opportunity to align spiritual guidance and inspired action to create a whole new experience of your life. Someone energetic, brave, optimistic and playful may be significant to you this month – could be an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

Your higher self is calling you toward a new phase in your life. This month, it will be important to review and evaluate your past experiences with compassion and forgiveness, for you and anyone else you believe has wronged you. This is a process of purging those tentacles from the past that still remain in your energy field, and purifying self-defeating thoughts. Everything is a blessing – pain, disappointment, joy, everything. Celebrate the lessons past experiences have taught you, you attracted them so you could learn and grow and become more authentically you. This deeper understanding will solidify your self-acceptance and confidence in progressing your spiritual journey after a period of feeling stagnant and perhaps even lost. Listen to those whispers from your higher self, it has impeccable judgement and is always guiding you toward experiences that help you to rise beyond current limitations. It is your time to soar! Marion practices Evolutionary Astrology which reveals the potential of cosmic forces that contribute to each person’s unique soul evolution in this life. Marion uses astrology to provide greater understanding of the universe and deep self-acceptance for all her clients. To book a personal reading with Marion, go to: https://www.themarionhutton.com/services/

Marion Hutton

Marion Hutton is The Soul Awakening Strategist and pioneer of the Divine DNA Blueprint and the creator of Soul Scopes Astrology.

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