Love and Let Go Part 2 by Joanne’s Spirit

After reading my article last month Love and Let Go Part 1, you may be thinking items are one thing, but how do you get over a being you loved more than anything? I can tell you now, it will take varying amounts of time depending on the connection you had with them and yourself personally.

I have moved frequently in my life, including other countries. Constantly letting go of friends, things, places. It was quite healing and made me resilient. I went on to have failed relationships like most, and of course we all lose pets we love. I have also lost a full-term baby the day after he was born. I had dealt with death a lot but this one was my second child. I also lost a great friend years later that I didn’t realise I was in love with until he was being lowered into his grave.

We can keep holding on, we can keep justifying our attachment or heartbreak or we can move forward with life taking with us only the good memories for we cannot reverse death. I went through the “why me”, anger and other negative emotions, it was exhausting and got me nowhere. The snowball effect happened where more doom and gloom hit me, this was the universe trying to push me to see things differently, to stop dwelling.

Losing someone you love so deeply is indescribable, but you need to let them go in love. Whether it’s a temporary separation, death, or distance the same principal applies. Let go of your need for them because you lived without them previously. Your life will not cease without them, so why stop living, they are free and so are you. What is it that you had no time for, or they weren’t interested in? The door to them shut but the door to “Me time” opened.

If you lost your parent, remember the times they taught you to do something yourself, they wanted you to learn to be independent, if you keep going with your daily life its honouring what they taught you. Although you always had your parents from conception, from early on they were preparing you for them not being there.

You can still grieve, have your negative emotions but you do need to turn it around and see the positives. If you are struggling, seek professionals, healers or even Calcite crystals may help.

Joannes Spirit

Joanne's Spirit is a nature inspired soul reader and healer that will help initiate your journey of self-discovery.

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