Are you seeing the signs? By Rebecca-lee

Some people believe miracles are very rare acts of divine intervention that only happen in certain people’s lives. I’ve had clients suggest they’re not worthy enough or lucky enough to have such benevolent support. My beliefs around miracles have changed over the years as I have transformed myself from being a battler—a warrior, overcoming and surviving the perils of life—to someone who wants to own herself and her experiences in everything.

Whether miracles are real or not is a choice. You get to choose whether they exist and what they are. I don’t believe that the world is full of fluffy clouds and rainbows because I just don’t see how we would evolve from that, unfortunately. But I don’t believe that miracles are limited to rare acts from God either.

How can and do miracles happen for everyday people like you and me? What if miracles are also events we have contracted that lead us to grow on a deep level or lead us to our highest divine path. Maybe they are often subtle events that we don’t even notice.

Reflecting back on my life, I am in awe of how I have come to be in such a life. There have been many miracles along the way; they have just not been obvious to some as such.


  • Challenges, heartache, betrayal and disappointment—it is hard to imagine that we could look upon these as miracles. However, on looking back, just about every single time, these events have opened me somehow; planted a seed of wisdom in me that becomes evident later down the track, or got me moving in a direction I wouldn’t have otherwise taken. So often these hardships are miracles at play. Surrender as much as you can to where your higher self and the Universe is taking you.
  • Earth Angels in disguise—at certain points in my life, someone has come along and been there for me, whether that was to help me financially, take me under their wing, or just notice and talk to me about my pain or challenges. They often leave my life as fast as they come into it, but they serve me for a certain point.
  • Signs and messages from a spirit—many times I have asked for a sign, just to know that I am not alone. That spirit hears me, and I see a feather, or a bird comes in and sings.


Life is nothing but constant miracles. We just have to have the right perception.


Rebecca-Lee is the psychic creator of High Vibration City and Awaken with Rebecca-lee, offering services worldwide to assist with unlocking your love blocks as well as family ancestoral healing.

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