Are your expectations realistic? By Samantha Ashley

We all have them, and we all have different ones. What am I referring to? I am referring to expectations!

Whether it is expectations of family and friends, expectations of work colleagues, expectations of ourselves and our own performance or expectations of others providing us goods and services, expectations are aways there.

Some of these expectations are basic and achievable and realistic. Say, for example, you buy your morning takeaway coffee from your favourite barista. You have expectations that the coffee will be hot, it will be freshly brewed, it will in a takeaway cup with a lid so it doesn’t spill, and it will be made to your taste as you ordered it. These are realistic expectations.

Now say, for example, that you go to your local physical therapist for back pain. It could be your Bowen therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist or massage therapist. The modality doesn’t really matter. You have had your back pain consistently for six months and prior to that, on and off for maybe two or more years. This is a long-term condition. What are your expectations of this treatment? What outcomes do you expect by the end of that session?

Quite often clients will present in my clinic with long term issues that they need resolved, but their expectations are that in one session everything will go back to perfect, and they will be completely fine for the rest of their natural lives. One hour with a therapist to resolve a long-term condition, or often multiple conditions completely is in most cases an unrealistic expectation. Yes, these issues can be resolved over time, but if the onset of the condition was years previous, then the realistic expectation for treatment outcomes should actually be multiple treatments to completely resolve the issue.

Yes, you may and in most cases should achieve some relief from presenting symptoms, pain and discomfort, and that would be a realistic expectation of the treatment outcome, but to expect everything to go back to being completely resolved is unrealistic in most cases.

Bowen therapy is suitable for all ages and can be used to treat a variety of ailments. Green Valley Bowen Therapy in Gold Coast, Qld can assist with your pain management and recovery.

Next month, we will discuss how to adjust your expectations and communicate for effective outcomes.


Samantha Ashley

Samantha is a highly experienced Bowen Therapist, with a twenty year background in massage, naturopathy and nutrition. She is the creator of Green Valley Bowen Therapy on the Gold Coast.

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