Beacon of Balance by Lyndi MacRae

Steering Your Holistic Business Towards Harmony

You’re no stranger to the concept of balance.

Your very ethos revolves around harmonising mind, body, and spirit—not just for your clients, but for yourself as well.

Yet, in the pursuit of helping others, it’s all too easy to find your own equilibrium tipping off-kilter.

Imagine your business as an ocean liner, sailing the vast and often turbulent seas of entrepreneurship.

Your destination?

Success, fulfilment, and a thriving business.

But the journey is fraught with challenges: unpredictable weather, the relentless demands of maintaining your vessel, and the constant vigilance required to navigate through uncharted waters.

In such a scenario, how do you maintain a steady course without succumbing to exhaustion?

Welcome To The Challenge of Balance

Balancing your work and personal life as a holistic business owner is like trying to walk a tightrope in a storm.

You’re the captain of your ship, responsible for every aspect—from client care to marketing, from bookkeeping to product development.

The weight of these responsibilities can be overwhelming, leading to stress, burnout, and a creeping sense of dissatisfaction.

The irony here is profound: while your mission is to foster balance and well-being in others, you may find yourself struggling to achieve the same in your own life.

This imbalance not only affects your health and happiness but can also diminish your effectiveness as a healer and guide.

A Lighthouse in the Distance

Enter ‘In Demand B.O.S.S.’—a beacon of light amidst the fog.

Just as a lighthouse provides guidance to ships navigating treacherous waters, this book serves as a reliable source of wisdom and support, helping you steer your business with confidence and clarity.

In Demand B.O.S.S. offers practical strategies and profound insights in creating your own luxury ocean liner and as written about here an important aspect is the customer journey and even more importantly – your relationship with them and yourself.

You want to streamline your processes and discover how to unpack all you know into the marketing and sales tool available to you:

  • where to start
  • what is the right tool
  • what if you do it wrong and it causes even more frustrations…

I get it and as a business operations specialist in marketing, sales and relationship building in the online space. I know my book will help you and I know the article: A Simple Guide To Your Customer Journey As A Holistic Business Owner, which links to a workbook that is a ‘do this every quarter’ review type tool …

On your journey, you’ll learn to establish clear boundaries between work and personal life.

This ensures you can focus on what truly matters—your clients and your own personal growth

You’ll be reminded to take time out to reflect and reconnect with your passion. Tapping into your WHY helps to reignite the passion that led you to this path

Here’s a small exercise to start your journey towards better balance
Take a moment to reflect on your current state.

Ask yourself:

  • How am I feeling right now?
  • When was the last time I took a break?
  • What activities outside of work bring me joy and relaxation?

Write down your answers and make a commitment to yourself to prioritise one self-care activity this week. Whether it’s a walk in nature, a meditation session, or simply reading a book for pleasure, take this step towards reclaiming your balance.

As you sail through the entrepreneurial seas, remember that maintaining a healthy work-life balance isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential. It allows you to be the best version of yourself, for both your clients and your loved ones. ‘In Demand B.O.S.S.’ is more than a book; it’s your trusted compass, guiding you through the fog and helping you find your way in the sea of the web.

Take heart, captain. With the right tools and a steadfast commitment to your well-being, you can navigate any storm and reach your destination with your ship—and your spirit—intact.

To delve deeper into these strategies and more, download our free worksheet.

Your journey to balance and success begins now.

Stay Healthy and Happy
Lyndi MacRae

The Business Intuitive 🔱

Birther and Supporter of Holistic Business owners creating Online Businesses, tapping into technology and making it fun. Co-Creator of Sacred Healing Spaces.


Small Business Growth Consultant, Creating Leveraged, Efficient Marketing Systems for Holistic Business Owners

Lyndi is author of #1 Best Seller: IN DEMAND B.O.S.S. Business Operating Success Systems To Help You Get Organised & Save Time!

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Lyndi MacRae

As an Intuitive Business Mentor, Coach and Trainer. Author of #1 best-seller 'In Demand B.O.S.S,' Lyndi provides business growth solutions with heart, specialising in business automation and emarketing, using attraction marketing strategies. She also has her own Cacao product and hosts Ceremonial Cacao infused sound healing ceremonies.

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