Beyond the 7 Chakras by Sarah Kottmann

As we move and shift into a new dimensional energy, we will start to also shift and change our energy within our body known as the 7 chakras. But we will also be activating the additional chakra’s that sit outside the body. These will deeply connect us with mother earth and the divine being one with all things.

There is also a shift within the 7 chakra energies and their colours and symbols, particularly that of the throat and heart chakra.

The current chakra system and some of the changes I have started to see:

Root chakra- Red

Sacral Chakra- Orange

Solar plexus – Yellow (golden instead of yellow)

Heart chakra – Green (now often a crystalline colour)

Throat chakra- Blue (symbol of a triangle is often seen)

Third eye- Indigo

Crown – Violet

The additional chakras

The Earth star chakra, connecting us to Gaia and the earth. When activated it connect us deeply with earth and we no longer need to ground our energy as we are now connected to the crystalline grid of mother earth

8th Soul Star is above the crown chakra which is our energy centre for divine love

9th Spirit star – you remember your connection to the divine, you have access to your higher purpose. 

10th Universal connection with the divine light beings and the universe feeling completely aligned with your physical being.

11th Galactic divine knowledge and cosmic wisdom

12th Divine gateway or Steller gateway – universal consciousness, completely oneness, peace, balance, and ascension. 

This then continues upwards to 22 chakras and more however not much is currently known about the rest of the chakra system. But in time as more humans move into the 5D consciousness our knowledge on these chakras will expand.

After a recent healing, a chakra connected into the core of the earth. Not just the earth star but one below, that is also available and activating at this time.  I have not seen any other authors or healers speak about this chakra yet so will be interested to see if anyone else has connected to this one.

How to activate?

Reiki, and similar healing, with the intention of activating these chakras if you are ready. Meditation to heal and unblock them. Working through old patterns, karma and moving out of the 3D dimensional energy.

Sarah Kottmann

North Lakes Homeopathy

Sarah Kottmann

Sarah Kottmann is the pioneer of North Lakes Homeopathy. She offers an holistic approach to health through Homeopathy, Reiki, CranioSacral therapy and Nutrition.

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