Beyond the Surface of Life by Wendy Rosenfeldt

Einstein’s lifelong dream was to find a unified field theory. He believed that underlying all of life there was a state of unity and although he didn’t come up with the mathematical equations to verify this, his ideas were formative in the creation of quantum physics.

It is incredible what has been understood through mathematics and theoretical understanding in the area of quantum physics. However at this stage the search to discover the reality of the subatomic realm is beyond what can be perceived at the macrocosmic scale and the technology needed to validate the current theories of quantum physics exceeds the boundaries of what can currently be created. The Large Hadron Collider, in CERN, took a decade to build and cost over $4.5 billion and is not advanced enough to verify the latest ideas of theoretical physics.

The way the quantum level behaves is so different to how we perceive life around us. Objects are not in fixed positions but exist as waves of probability. Time is not a fundamental reality and is experienced differently depending on your speed. A cat can be in a super position of being both dead and alive at the same time. These are realities at the quantum level of life but even if we understand the theory behind these ideas, they go against our intuitive understanding of life.

Nature is structured in coexisting levels of being. The microcosmic world of the quantum level cannot be perceived from the surface level of life. However we have the apparatus in our human mind to fathom all the subtler levels of creation. Just because most people are only accessing the 5-10% of our mental potential, which is the conscious mind, doesn’t mean that it is not possible to experience more expanded states of awareness.

These deeper layers of the mind correspond to the more refined levels of life. If we only perceive through the conscious mind then we are only experiencing the tip of the iceberg of the reality of life. Throughout history there have always been people who have had the ability to transcend and experience these deeper levels. However instead of being understood as being an inherent ability of the human mind, such feats were often written off as mystical phenomena.

Although we may seem to be far removed in our mental abilities from the seers and yogis of ancient traditions, in fact we all have the same mental apparatus. What determines our level of perception is the clarity of awareness and our familiarity with subtler levels of the mind. In one stroke, transcending takes the mind within while spontaneously clearing its path of stress and fatigue. Expanding the conscious mind beyond 5-10% that most people access may take time but it could happen more quickly than the time taken to build the next particle accelerator.

This expanded awareness also has a practical outcome beyond just perceiving more vibrancy and beauty in all around us, it allows us to wake up the relationship between us and everything in the universe. The closer we get to accessing these subatomic realms in our mind, the more we enliven the interconnectedness of everything and the more the environment responds to our thoughts and desires.

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Wendy Rosenfeldt

Wendy Rosenfeldt is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and a Maharishi Vedic Health Educator. Wendy teaches TM and offers a Consciousness based approach to all aspects of Vedic Knowledge.

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