The importance of the words you use cannot be overstated.

Positive or negative, the affect is on your vibration.

Keep yourself in check and be mindful of what you say.

In this time, your vibration must remain high to stay above the level of negativity and discontent that abounds in the world.

Sure, sometimes you forget, and harsh, unkind words take their form in the universe. Try to follow this with good thoughts, words, and deeds in abundance to act as a counterbalance.

Hardness and negativity cannot be over-ridden, but a boost in positivity, will help to balance the scales. The scales are out of balance – remember to do your best to even the scales.

It’s hard work to be mindful of what you say and do – and it goes a long way to shift the balance towards the Light, towards the Light of love and away from the darkness.

You can do your bit – you are not helpless in this time.

You hold much power, you may not be aware of – to lighten the scales, and turn the balance towards the Light of love.

The love eternal, that emanates from the Divine.

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Yvonne Fregon

Yvonne (Evie) is the founder of Owl House Arts – heart and soul services. Her purpose is to bring together products and services to bring healing, hope, love and comfort to people anywhere in the world who are having a tough time with life.

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