There are many fears that arise when people discuss their dreams, astral experiences and even experiences in-between the awake and asleep state. Recalled snippets are jumbled into a hodgepodge of space cats eating cake at a tea party on top of a melting roof on Mars. Actually, that is a scary thought. But it’s just the mind trying to comprehend higher frequency concepts through fourth density physicality. Things can get weird and we tend to brush it off as trickery of the mind. How then can we possibly trust that our experiences are authentic and not the mind playing foosball with our reality?

Conscious astral travel is one way to familiarise yourself with the weirdness and go deeper into the true meaning of it all. Conscious astral travel is the act of being present and aware in your physical body while another aspect of you consciously steps into the astral field. It’s like being in two places at once – bilocating.

Bilocating is not the splitting off from the self but rather engaging all aspects so you can have several powerful experiences at the same time. Even the mind gets to tag along for the ride in its little red buggy pulled by your consciousness. It’s an inclusive experience.

As with any spiritual concept, it takes practice. You can begin with a simple exercise of sitting in meditation and sending your awareness into the next room. The physical body will pick up on the sensations in that room through the astral self and communicate them back to you. You could even ask a friend to place an object in the room to exercise your astral muscles.

Here is another way to practice bilocting. Consciously step into the astral field with a friend. I didn’t know this was possible until I tried it. I’m not talking about having the same dream. More so, sitting in the same room, going purposefully into meditation together with a strong intention of where you’d like to visit. To make sure we were actually there and not playing off each other’s words, I decided to test the authenticity of the experience. I stood on the ceiling in a room to see if anyone would notice because…science. One of my friends stepped into the green room and said, “this is going to sound weird, but why am I seeing you standing on the ceiling?“

As you gain evidence, you gain the trust of the mind. This will open you up to even more possibilities. Let’s take this bilocation concept one step further.

Sitting down to meditate I decided to visit the great central sun. I had heard of this idea previously but I knew very little about it. So off I went. A grandiose golden temple appeared before me blocking the view to my destination. The doors opened and I was beckoned inside and greeted by three beautiful light beings, the keepers of the central sun. They asked me to be seated in a luxurious chair to receive lightcodes and a DNA upgrade. It felt so good in both my physical and astral body that I nearly forgot about my original intention. They sensed this and motioned for me to proceed on my journey while they continued working on my astral self.

I didn’t know what they meant until I felt an aspect of myself peel away from the astral me that was still sitting in the chair. I didn’t split my astral self in two. That’s not exactly what happened. It was though I became more so I could experience more of my consciousness. I waved at my astral self in the chair and continued on my way to the central sun. Feeling the sensations of my two astral aspects and my physical body at the same time was a rather mind-blowing experience.

Your experiences, of course, will be completely different and relevant to you. Sometimes though, we limit ourselves due to fear or that we simply don’t know what is possible. If you allow your body and mind to join you in stretching the fabric of reality, you will open up even more possibilities. Then, you can go eat cake with the space cats on Mars and know exactly what that means.

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Talia is a teacher of cosmic wisdom, connecting her clients with deeper levels of consciousness to bring awareness and alignment with their divine truth and healing.



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