When sadness lies beneath by Reena Terreping

I will shed some light this month through the lens of the holistic book, ‘A Teaching of Survival’ by Dr L.Viilma. The author of these books always has a long pre-story for different diagnoses to show where everything started from.

The pre-story of Alzheimer’s is about sadness.

There are different kinds of sadness e.g. crying, feeling low or down and repressed sadness.

You can hold back the tears and not let the sadness in or out. But your body knows.

Some people with status may have created an image that they feel trapped in, feeling like they have no choice other than to be that image. They have to play along with what they have created. In reality, they do not, but they think they do.

‘A person can cry without a tear. Men can do it especially well. Some men have a very strong exterior, like the exponent of the exhibition, but when I ask them what’s bothering them their eyes get wet.’ (Viilma 1997)

That brings us back to the question: who are you living your life for? For other people? Well, it could be making you sick. This is tested on me and many others.

Usually unreleased stresses cause physical and/or mental illnesses.

What Alzheimer’s comes to tell you:

Layer one: from the top of the head, to the third rib, shoulder, and 1-3 fingers are the areas of stress that concern love, ‘fear that I am not loved’, and ‘fear that my parents, my family, kids, partner are not loved’.

Who gets saddened because their mind wants to get too much out of rationality, and their mind gets drained?

Alzheimer’s may be seen from this perspective- as an illness of a drained mind. Perhaps it takes away the minds of some of the world’s most powerful people.

They are people who ignore their emotions and value their rational mind.

Their brain is a slave and their rational mind is a slave master.

They may have forgotten about crying and may not admit to their sadness, but their body still knows.

Come back home, to You, and You to get well.

“People who will get Alzheimer’s are the ones who have an overpowering will to get what they want, knowing that to get it, they have to put their rational mind into work at maximum capacity.” (Viilma 1997).

So, I am sharing some of the holistic views on this illness.

The mainstream says to work and train your rational mind even further. The holistic point of view says to deal with never touched/ignored emotions.

Some questions to ask from an energy perspective might be: What are you avoiding and defending, creating your image as more valuable than being you?

What discomfort are you avoiding and defending against that keeps you from you?

I am not a medical doctor, please seek help if you are unwell.


Reena Terreping

Reena Terreping is an Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, and offers frequency sessions using the Healy device. She loves making healthy cakes and treats, and creates recipes and provides cooking classes. Reena loves to write about: food, eating, emotional problems, body conditions and life generally.

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