Magic in the Extraordinary and the Ordinary by Vanessa Finnigan

Imagine for a moment you are in Karnak, Egypt, having a private viewing of the only statue of Sekhmet in the world. You are told by the tour guides how to enter and exit so you don’t leave turning your back on the statue. After your eyes adjust to the darkness, you see a stunning black 12-foot statue, and all of a sudden you see its chest moving in and out, breathing… The heart-based connection brings tears to your eyes as you see the statue’s eyes open and close.

This was one magical experience Linda Willow Roberts shared with me, and she was quick to say that it really rocked her at the time and gave her a different perspective of what was real and what was not. “I don’t think it was in my mind or in my spiritual knowingness; it was with my mortal eyes that I was seeing this and it was one of many experiences that opened the door to so much more.”
What Linda witnessed wasn’t influenced by any religious beliefs connected with the statue and its origins. It was more about being in the moment without any expectations. In fact, Linda said she doesn’t worship anyone or anything. Instead, she stays present and looks for synchronicities in her daily life.

And this has been her way of life for 30 years as a spiritual teacher who has travelled the world sharing insightful messages with a wide group of people. While this may sound like a very ‘woo-woo’ or esoteric way of living, Linda is actually very practical and down to Earth. She describes herself as an ‘abrupt Leo’ so what you get, is what you see. I see a lady living a simple but magical life.

Linda doesn’t wear a watch; she often doesn’t know what she will be doing when she wakes up in the morning and goes where there is flow. While she calls Tasmania home, she travels to places that inspire her and asks for the Earth to be healed wherever she goes.

“This is not a business or a hobby. I am retired, this is the way I live. It’s all about ‘partnering with spirit’ and being present, then you become a clear channel.”

Sounds easy, right? Well, it wasn’t always this way for Linda. Her early life was quite challenging. “I felt very alone, even through the teenage years, and I was struggling. In my early adult years, the Universe was telling me things, but I wasn’t listening. I thought I knew better and I was getting some hard slaps.” she said.

When she discovered the world of spirituality, she dug deep and explored a lot of different holistic modalities in her twenties and also had the joy of raising her daughter Holly.

She said at a later time, when she stepped off the spiritual path, that everything was hard again. “Nothing flowed, it was like mud. That was my motivation to step back on the spiritual path. My biggest challenge was getting out of my own way. When you let go and trust, spirit comes in, and it sees everything. You may have only been able to see a narrow part of your life.”

Patience is one thing Linda says she has learnt along the way and is still mastering. She teaches that everything unfolds with divine timing, and magic is about opening your mind.

Although she visits sacred sites around the world, having special access to Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid in Egypt and the Kings Chamber, and has laid in one of the sarcophaguses, she said magic is also in the ordinary. So you don’t have to go overseas to these places to experience magic and miracles.

“I might be woken up in the middle of the night and then be led outside and see the magic and miracle of a shooting star, and there is a realisation and oneness where we are connected to everything.”

Linda has a knowing; when she asks for a miracle, it always shows up! It could be revealed through a family member who quickly recovers from an illness or with money manifesting, to name just a few pragmatic examples. Linda shared a past memory when she desired to attend a short spiritual course and was given a scholarship to go, but she wasn’t sure how she would pay for meals during the course. She said she asked spirit for assistance and was also prepared to go and not eat for the duration of the course. Then with a smile on her face, she shared that she put a Tattslotto ticket in and won over $1200! “I don’t have a dogmatic, limiting definition of what a miracle is. It’s more about what makes me feel good and is for my highest good. Miracles can include anything and everything.”

The book-creating process is often seen as a miraculous process in and of itself. Linda birthed her first book, Seven Eighths of Me: The Tale of a Spiritual Adventurer, two years ago and had book signings around Australia and overseas. Linda is aware this is the first book in a trilogy.
She mentioned that initially, the writing process was not easy. She thought she was writing the first book years ago, but then realised it was just purging rather than writing! Yet nothing was lost because it made room for what she really wanted to share, which is information to assist people to deal with their self-doubt and limited thinking that can hamper their ability to have a joyful life. She senses the next two books will be about what she has experienced at the sacred sites overseas and the wisdom she has shared with people over the last 30 years.
And so Linda is sharing her insights in a range of creative ways through the written word and through verbal teachings. She is prepared to be ‘magic’ and in the process, contribute to raising the vibration of the collective. “Over the last seven months many people have been hoping and praying because of the bushfires, floods and virus, and now it’s about being grateful for what we have and loving each other and knowing we are one. As a collective, we have gone from ‘I am’ to ‘we are’. We are one.”


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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