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We each have a unique frequency… a way of vibrating that is special and magical! And it’s often the traumas, stresses and untruths that prevent that frequency from being fully shared with the world. This is where frequency technologies can assist, allowing us to be the unique frequency we came here to be, more often.

So this month, we shine the light on frequency technologies and Tatiana Savery, a gifted change agent who has been contributing to healing and consciousness fields for over 34 years.

Tatiana is a private person outside her work, as she is in the public eye most days, whether seeing clients at her three clinics or travelling for events, which can mean speaking to thousands on any given weekend. “I find sharing the quiet space together with my two adult daughters in the garden, on our land on the Sunshine Coast, or watching our horses and adorable dogs is part of my nirvana,” she explains.

When I recently caught up with Tatiana, she had come from a long day of working with people in palliative care and cancer clinics, and she shared a little on how she was helping her clients with frequency technology. There was a gentle, kindness in her voice and she sounded serene, despite her busy schedule devoted to facilitating people in Queensland and around the world. What I also found remarkable was that over the past few decades, she has offered her work alongside being a single mum, home-schooling her children for much of their education.

Being such a private person, I felt fortunate Tatiana shared her fascinating early life with me so openly. Born in Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and living most of her life in Vancouver, Canada, there were always deep conversations when growing up, as most of her family members were scientists. Yet, she turned her interests towards art and mysticism from a young age, “because of my family upbringing and interests, the bridge between science and spirit, is what I lived and understood”, she said.

Tatiana was tutored by a wonderful artist in Vancouver during the late 1970s, which she followed with formal education and a degree in Fine Arts that focused on colour therapy. She continued to follow her creative talents by studying interior design, with interest in the implications of design and colour on the psyche.

In the early 1980s, she began working with AIDS patients using colour therapy in palliative care environments. With her design and art background, she opened a clothing boutique on West Broadway, beside the city’s main hospital, implementing her own design label ‘Om BaBa’. Witnessing the rise in AIDS and cancer patients, working beside Vancouver’s largest hospital, along with her own reoccurring health issues, she began her education in naturopathy.
“It was my own health difficulties that led to my interest in nutrition and natural medicines, studying naturopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and herbalism. I travelled through Europe, Africa, Asia and into South America, gaining what was considered ancient wisdom and knowledge, some handed down from generation to generation within different tribes and shamen. Further learning in the late 80s came from naturopathic doctors in El Paso, America and Juárez, Mexico, while I was working in some of the first alternative clinics treating both AIDS and cancer patients. These clinics were implementing frequency technologies and were my first experience seeing results from such devices.”

Her brother, a physics student, was also teaching her about quantum physics and, at the same time, she became an avid reader of spiritual texts, which fed even more of her quest for understanding the nature of who we truly are. Tatiana’s understanding of consciousness and mysticism was amplified after having two near-death experiences in her life. “It is one thing to see the physical connection that I saw, yet completely experiential to be within the experience of being connected to all things, which is what I felt when in those two near-death states… there was no separation from anyone or anything.”

In the late 1990s, Tatiana travelled to New Zealand to research the protocols integrative doctors were using, while addressing her own health. She finally arrived in Australia and was working in one of the top naturopathic clinics in Sydney. But she didn’t stop there. She left no stone unturned, training in Reiki, body energetics, energy medicine, kinesiology, quantum healing, Heart Math, NLP, energy psychology and more. She came to understand that the key to waking up to who we are lies within our vibrational frequency and using frequency technologies offered many possibilities.

Then her life changed significantly after meeting Swiss engineer, scientist and professional musician, Martin Frischknecht, who eliminated himself of epilepsy with his invention, the ‘PowerTube®’. The spark of inspiration occurred when Martin had a dream about this life-changing machine, and then had the means and talent to build the technology and bring it to fruition so the general public could have this handheld device in their own homes. Its accuracy has been verified, and the device created and tested at the University of Munich. Now more than 300,000 PowerTubes® have been sold worldwide.

Tatiana was inspired to bring this cutting edge technology to Australia, where it became registered with the TGA as a medical device for pain relief. Tatiana explains, “We are 81% water, we can hold memories/trauma in the cells of our body, so when the water molecule in the cells are aligned, the body comes into balance. The PowerTube® frequency device works (through the skin) on the molecular water structure. The three fundamental frequencies with the corresponding harmonic series ‘vibrate’ the water molecule in the mitochondria, so it is different from how a TENS machine works.”

Travelling and presenting at conferences, events and Frequency Academy seminars held in more than 10 countries, Tatiana has seen firsthand how this burgeoning field is attracting people from all over the world.
Frequency Academy is now being accredited, which will create even more growth and awareness, bridging health, technology of the sciences and spirituality. There is a Frequency Academy Australia, and the Frequency Academy Switzerland has a following of over 40 million due to one of their scientist’s TV shows and recording studio. “We have also been recording my own TV show segments on health, science, technologies and spirituality, which is wonderful, and this will launch in a few months. And I will be releasing three books later in 2020,” said Tatiana. For three years in a row, she has been invited to speak at Dr Gerald Pollack’s Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water Conference in Europe, where genius scientists understand the true nature of reality and our spirituality.

Her work and life is a beautiful symphony of science meeting spirituality, and while she is willing to be seen and share all her gifts and capacities, she doesn’t seek out the spotlight as a guru. “An analogy I use is to view our world as a movie, we are all playing characters within a script, yet unless we connect with the director (spirit) to change the script, we can’t really create change.”

So how would you like to ‘BE’ through the festive season this year (whether you celebrate it or not)? What if you could create your own ‘festive frequency’ that works for you and also benefits others?
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Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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