Jean Sheehan: Health, Wealth and Celebration! by Krishna Everson

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It’s been said that women will change the world. More than ever before, we are seeing women rise up and do things differently, tapping into their own gifts and talents and making a difference.

I took time out to chat with Jean Sheehan, international speaker and entrepreneur, award-winning founder of Millennium Education, Amazon bestselling author, breaker of boundaries, and wearer of heart-shaped glasses.

I have known Jean for more than 10 years and have witnessed her limitless capacity as a master manifestor, who shares love and generosity wherever she goes. Jean founded the first globally accredited Medical Intuitive Training, and has written five books in the last three years. Like most transformational journeys, Jean’s has been paved with tragedy as well as triumph. For a shy child emigrating from Kuwait to Australia, who experienced homelessness after the death of her mother when she was only 16, there could have been a vastly different outcome. Jean’s early wealth creation lessons came from the school of hard knocks, but to Jean, life was just a big OP SHOP, where opportunities were available, and possibilities opened to her wherever she went. Jean is adamant that every one of us can manifest our heart’s desires, because if she can do it, anyone can. She spends her life sharing this inspiring message with others, and demonstrating it in her daily life.

People often tell Jean, “you manifest so easily!” and her reply is, “So do you. Are you wearing clothes? ‘Yes.’ Well, you manifested them. You can manifest anything. Is manifesting easy? Yes, manifesting is signs, symbols and indicators, whether inside us, or outside. If the business isn’t bringing money in, it’s not saying you’re a failure, it’s just saying look at something differently, it might be one little thing. In manifesting I always say, ‘Why do you want it? Not how. Don’t look at the how. Why do you want to? Why are you so passionate? What are you prepared to do, not do? What are you prepared to give up? What are you prepared to look at?”

As a renowned medical intuitive with a nursing background, and speaking from personal and professional experience, Jean believes our hesitation and resistance, and not following our heart’s desire can have a detrimental impact on our health, which is a fundamental part of her work. “We create our diseases by not expressing our gifts, not setting boundaries and forgetting we are pure love.”

According to Jean, prioritising ourselves is key to sustaining a healthy and fulfilled life. “My favourite affirmation is, ‘I make myself a priority’. Because if I’m not healthy, then I couldn’t have given to my children when they were little. My other child is my business. So the balance comes from making my routine based around what works for me personally. So first thing in the morning, my routine is just based around me and last thing at night, my routine is based around me.”

Jean admits she initially resisted writing her first book for fear of being exposed and sharing very intimate and personal experiences, but she knew it was time to do it, and once she made the decision there was no turning back, she penned it in just 30 days! “As soon as I made that jump, (I believe in the law of attraction), all these people, things and situations were there to support me, from publishers and team members, and putting it up on Amazon. I didn’t have to do anything. All I had to do was do what I’m good at, which is writing. So I’ve always written, always written for magazines and blogs and other people. I just had to write, so I was resisting my natural gift, writing.”

The rewards have been immeasurable for her business, and for the impact her books make on others. “Now instead of getting limited by fear, I’m so furiously passionate about getting this out. It’s my service, my duty.”

Jean is a prolific goal-setter and her mind works fast and furious. She has multiple projects at any given time, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Ultimately, her drive comes from a deep desire to be of service. This desire led her to create the first global Medical Intuitive Training to assist others who want to help people and be recognised for their gifts and talents. Her Millennium Education programs are recognised in 26 countries and accredited with two associations. She has also created the world’s first and only Medical Intuition cards as a tool for facilitating a greater understanding of why dis-ease may manifest in the body.

Jean’s latest book ‘Bite Me’ which is due for release around Christmas, got personal when she set a goal of gaining 20 kilos through an unhealthy regime of poor food and no exercise, as part of her research. She became chronically unwell with multiple health issues, and is still getting back on track. “I knew that foods and lifestyle can create diseases, so once I got to a certain stage, I couldn’t get off the floor. I was aching, I had headaches, I was moody and emotional, just awful. I went and had some blood and urine tests because of my pathology background and I knew that I had created specific diseases from leaky gut syndrome to chronic fatigue to Pyrrole’s to a whole whack of other things. And then that was my scientific proof, I needed scientific proof to go, ‘if you do this and this becomes your lifestyle, you’re going to feel like absolute crap’. Even whilst I was eating badly, I was so conscious of why I was emotional, moody, etcetera. My business was incredibly affected, where the income completely dropped. And that’s the law of attraction for me; if you want to invest in yourself, then it affects your income as well. As soon as I cleaned up my food and my exercise patterns, income skyrocketed back up again. The more that I invest in me, the more people say, ‘I want what you’ve got.’ You exude this love bubble and so people say, ‘I want that, I want that’.”

An essential element of Jean’s philosophy is that every win and every achievement is acknowledged and celebrated. “My celebration is not always with materialistic things. My celebration… because I’m in the public eye so much now, is having the dog and walking along the beach. It’s my time and nobody else is around. And also time with my adult sons, when they want to go for a walk with me or go food shopping or whatever because they don’t live at home, that’s a celebration. Just that intimate time with family and the dog, that’s massive. With each book, I’ve always bought myself a piece of jewellery. But the celebration with that is, ‘Yeah, let me just go reflect, be by myself.’ And being with my sons and my dog is a gift, they’re the ones that say, ‘Oh my God, I love you. Oh you did well!’ Well, that’s from the dog anyway,” she laughs.


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