CREATING THE ROSE WALL by Dr. Cris Henderson

The Rose Wall is a wall of divine inspiration.

She can be imagined anywhere. 

She can be a wall of celebration to enhance the light of happiness in your home.

She can relieve anxiety.

She can sit behind your bed to bring restful sleep.

She can protect your environment – all in all she enhances daily living.

You can place the Wall anywhere at any time – there are no restrictions to her sacred presence.

She represents infinite rose possibilities.

Dr. Cris HendersonRose Alchemist

If you have a family member, friend or pet who need nurturing they often position themselves near your imaginary Rose Wall. If you are uncertain about anything in your life you can use the Rose Wall – in this case use one impregnated with crystals. The divine crystal link inspires and brings answers.

You can place the Rose Wall anywhere – in an external site that asks for healing – a hospital room, a prison cell, a classroom, or even a shopping centre – all are ideal for the Rose Wall. Furthermore, you can be the designer of your own series of Rose Walls. Your creations will bring extraordinary vibrations of sacred energies.

The Rose Wall brings upliftment. Place her in doorways so anyone entering walks through her. Place her between the home and the exterior – once positioned she impregnates all other energies with pure love! The Rose Wall communicates what she needs most to help you. She may suggest the image of the sun, the moon or the stars within her framework. They represent the energy of source. They are the foundations of a heavenly portal – your rose portal.

Start small with the roses only version – then later on enhance the wall with crystals or gorgeous lines of light – include the image of smiles for joy – include placements for rose angels to rest with you awhile – or place the wall to bring healing support – anything is possible with the Rose Wall. She will bring blessings that are unexpected and life changing.

Enjoy her and remember to renew her – enhance her vibration and feel the changes. You never can tell – perhaps the Rose Wall will become your new best friend!

Here are my details if you would like more information on what I do:

Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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