Creating Your Millionaire Mindset by Sandy Forster

The first step in attracting abundance is changing the way you think about money. You have to think abundantly to become abundant.

Everything that comes into physical reality is first ‘formless energy’…  all around us in the metaphysical, but not yet solid enough to be seen. You can tap into this energy through your mind, that’s how you ‘place the order’ for what you desire. Holding an idea in your mind is the first step to attracting it into your physical world. 

The problem is, most of the time you’re thinking of what you don’t want, which causes the thing you don’t want to actually happen and then you wonder WHY things don’t change year after year. Change your thoughts and you change your world!

We’ve all heard of people who have nothing then win the lottery and become millionaires, only to find a few years later they are back to nothing and often have even less than before.

And… how many times do you hear of a Millionaire who experiences a downturn in the market, or makes a bad business decision, or goes into bankruptcy, only to find a few years later, they’re back to being a millionaire? That’s because one person has a Millionaire Mindset and one doesn’t.  So where is your mindset? Do you have a prosperity consciousness or a poverty consciousness? 

You can tell me whatever story you like, explain your background and past ‘horror stories’,  share all the reasons why you have a prosperity consciousness, and why the money just hasn’t shown up just yet.

You can make up whatever excuse you like about why you’re not abundant now, but the truth is… if you don’t have the money you desire and aren’t living abundantly, it’s because you spend more time thinking about financial problems than you do about being wealthy.

If you’re struggling financially right now, it’s because you think more about your money struggles than living a life of prosperity and freedom. If your choices are limited right now, it’s because you think more about how having no money is taking away your choices than being a Millionaire.

And because you are thinking about financial struggle, having no money or choices, your thoughts expand into feelings. Then you feel, emotionally and physically, that you don’t have enough, and when you feel you don’t have enough, you continue to attract experiences that cause you to continue to not have enough money.

Through the Law of Attraction, your thoughts send the signal (desire) out and your emotions become the magnet which attracts back to you what you think about.  I invite you to listen to this visualization so you start attracting prosperity, and watch the magic unfold. 

Sandy Forster

Sandy Forster is the visionary behind and went from being a single mum on welfare to being a millionaire. She is an International Millionaire Mindset Mentor, Speaker, Bestselling Author and Multi-Award Winning Business Owner with over 8 international business awards.

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