Developing your own Personal Power on HEALTH by Spiri Buhagiar

We are powerful beings who have been gifted a body that has all it needs to heal itself physically and mentally. Over the past 30 years I have worked with countless individuals with their health, from such things as: mental ‘unwellness’, colitis, cancer, stuttering, and eating issues.

I sit with the beliefs and understanding of two of the world’s leading neuroscientists on health and wellbeing – Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza, who have thrown out the old Newtonian belief of “survival of the fittest” to the latest, quantified fact that the unconscious/subconscious mind that functions the body, can be re-programmed to best serve you.

The unconscious mind is amazing! It’s like a computer and just like a computer, it can be de-fragmented and re-programmed with new beneficial messages and beliefs to best serve you- this means that you, can influence your health via your belief systems by re-programming your unconscious mind.

It’s winter now in the Southern Hemisphere and medical practices, pharmacies, and supermarkets are geared up for a flurry of patients or with a host of products to help people with colds and flus.   Just turn on your T.V and see the number of commercials pushing cold and flu products. 

Let me ask you – “What are your beliefs about your health”? Do you believe that you are doomed to get the cold or flu this season, do you tell yourself that it’s inevitable that you will come down with a cold or flu?  

Having in the recent past worked in a closed in office environment, my fellow team members were always amazed that I did not succumb to the colds and flus that were spreading across the office like a bushfire.

My unconscious mind has been programmed to believe that whenever a virus or foreign germ enters my body, my T-cells go into action, because I simply believe that I do not get colds and flus and program my own DNA- my T cells to be healthy, happy, and skilled at targeting anything in my body that is not beneficial to my health. 

There is an entire module devoted to dialoguing with your own DNA in my Personal Power online workshop which is available for you to purchase at less than two cups of coffee!

If you would like to understand how you can influence your health, then log onto my website and invest in your health in module 9 “communicating with your own DNA” for health.

Please do feel free to drop me an email or call me for a free 15minute consultation.

Spiri Buhagiar

Spiri Buhagiar has worked with individuals and various companies for over 30 years helping people to be the best version of themselves. She has qualifications and experience in RTT, Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and has been gifted with clairaudience which is now scientifically recognised.

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