Everything is Frequency by Jo Le-Rose

Quantum Physics have explored how the atom, when broken down further than its parts of electrons, protons and neutrons, becomes particles, which transform into waves of frequencies that manifest as sounds and colours. Physicists have also discovered how an electron’s behaviour changes according to an observer’s intention. This concept, when reversed, suggests that we can intentionally influence a frequency wave to generate photon particles and sound, coalescing into atoms to create physical manifestations.

Intention: The Foundation of All.

Understanding this process offers deeper insights into how you can manifest your ideal life. If you apply a deliberate intention, then an atomic movement of energy occurs by shifting you from one frequency to the intended frequency. However, this transition between frequencies requires navigating through a magnetic field, akin to a rainbow’s subtle transition from one hue to the next, which lessens your attraction to the old perspective and strengthens you to a new one.

Why Shift Frequencies?

At the heart of intention lies emotion. Every feeling emits a unique magnetic frequency, which attracts similar energies. For instance, dwelling in sadness magnetises more of the same, deepening the emotional and mental impact. Emotions range from low vibrations like despair to high vibrations like freedom, offering an emotional scale of frequencies to navigate.

The Emotional Scales

Below is an example of the emotional scales, moving from darker, powerless feelings to lighter, self-empowered ones. The goal is to identify where you are on this scale regarding an issue and use your emotions to elevate yourself to a better feeling, which liberates you from previous magnetic vibrations and propels you into higher frequencies. This alignment naturally matches you with similar energies in the form of people, places, and events.

The Ancient Frequency Clock

An even better understanding is to superimpose the emotional scales onto a clock – an ancient tool as old as frequency itself. This clock charts low frequencies from 1 to 6 and high frequencies from 7 to 12. The key is to identify where your emotions currently sit on the scale and map them onto the clock. From there, work to shift to the next number by asking yourself how you feel, and then breath through the answer, processing your emotions, which leads you to the next state of frequency. Even if the next emotion is still negative, it’s a higher frequency than before. The clock not only tracks your emotional shift, but you can also pose questions and feel for any actions to help you ascend, breaking free from the previous magnetic hold.

Aligning with Your Ideal Self

Last month, we explored the concept of the Ideal Self, which, on the Ancient Frequency Clock, always aligns with 11, the highest version of you before merging into the universal Life-Source at 12. Whatever your intention, the Ideal Self matches its frequency at its most positive level. The goal is to synchronise your emotions and thoughts with this Ideal Self, harnessing intention in its most potent form. Any manifestations below this level may still contain elements of negativity.

The Ideal Self never moves below 11, so it cannot descend to rescue you from lower points on the clock. Now you know why there is no saviour, as we are our own rescuer! This alignment with your Ideal Self will give you an insight on how you truly think and feel about the subject of your intention, which is always in its most positive form.


An intention is emotional energy moving through an interplay of frequencies, materialising as physical experiences. These frequencies, like markers on a clock, attract energies akin to themselves. Your position on this clock in relation to a subject determines what you attract. Transitioning from lower to higher frequencies, and aligning with your Ideal Self, can help you create the life you desire. But, if you jump too quickly, you will be pulled back to where you are magnetically held. The key is to patiently work through your feelings, gently releasing the hold of lower frequencies and steadily climb the clock to reach the most positive attraction point for your intentions.

If you would like a deeper understanding of the Ancient Frequency Clock, then you can purchase the mini course here: https://jolerose.samcart.com/products/rapid-manifest

Until next month…

Jo Le-Rose

Jo Le-Rose

Jo Le-Rose has a background in Humanistic Science and a PhD in the field, she has dedicated her life to understanding the depths of human potential and inner transformation.

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