Experiencing an Overnight EEsystem session by Vivienne Spanopoulos

Venturing into an overnight session at Scalar Lounge offers a unique immersion into the world of EESystem technology. While a brief daytime session provides a glimpse, spending a full 10 hours overnight unveils a multitude of possibilities. Let’s delve into this transformative experience from the perspective of both the owner and the shared stories of clients.

Like everyone else who visits, I was thrilled at the prospect of spending the entire night immersed in the frequencies of the EESystem. Sleeping in the system during the night, when our brain waves transition to delta and theta states, creates an optimal environment for the body to benefit from these frequencies.

Despite the brightness of the room from the monitor lights, falling asleep was surprisingly easy for me. I often found myself waking very early, around 5 am or even earlier, feeling both wired and energized— which I had mixed feelings about.

After the session, indulging in a salt bath helped me feel clearer in the head and others have a variety of benefits from clearing out excess toxins eliminated during the EESystem session.

Since then, I’ve slept in the Lounge alongside others and felt a great sense of calmness, perhaps due to the synergy of combined energies and felt that distinct energised feeling from the EESystem. So, sessions vary each time.  Plus, I’ve personally experienced significant improvements in my health, so nighttime sessions for me can be deeply rejuvenating.

Clients share a variety of experiences during their overnight stays—some remain awake for much of the night, while others enjoy deep, uninterrupted sleep. Many report vivid dreams, receiving inspiration or answers, or even encountering departed relatives. Some experience relief from pain, wake up in a state of bliss, or feel emotions surfacing for release.

Each client’s journey represents a unique step in their healing process, facilitated by the interaction of their body field with the EESystem frequencies. The technology emits a highly coherent field and when exposed to that, our body tries to sync with that field.  How that process unfolds is very unique for each person.

How many hours do you need? It’s a question that’s not possible to answer exactly. If you’re just looking for more energy, then a 2-hour session will suffice, while addressing significant issues you should aim for 20 hours to see what the trajectory of your healing looks like.

Whatever reason brings you to the Lounge, you can go away knowing that something always gets addressed. This isn’t some type of pseudo-science that promises a lot and delivers nothing. It isn’t medicine, it’s physics and it’s a system that generates energy and that energy allows the body to heal. The numerous studies and countless testimonials in over 400 Centres worldwide are a testament to that.

If you are wondering whether this is for you, come and try a 2-hour daytime session first and then decide if you’d like to continue. We currently have a not-to-be-missed 50% off special for brand new clients. See the details below. Those looking for long-term treatment should ask us for a special price for 50 hours or longer. We want you to heal as much as you yourself want it. Try it. You have little to lose in a 2-hour session.

New Client Special: 50% off our regular price of $150 for 2 hours.

Use Coupon Code 50OFF & come for $75.  Cannot be used with any other offer.

Click here:  https://Scalarlounge.as.me/2-HrEES

For further information see www.scalarlounge.org or @scalarlounge.

Vivienne Spanopoulos

Vivienne Spanopoulos has been in the health industry for over 30 years. As an international yoga teacher, bioenergetics & detox practitioner, Vivienne returned to Australia from Singapore to open Scalar Lounge, a 24-unit EESystem, offering multiple bio-active life-enhancing energy fields.

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