Feeling Dissatisfied or Burnout? By Alexis Hannagan

Why do so many women become unsatisfied in their intimate relationships with men, feeling burnt out, less attractive or like a robot?

They can feel like they are becoming the man.. 

Always switched on and ‘doing’!

They can also feel less radiant and turned on in the bedroom.

Men don’t care how much you are earning, if you’ve cleaned the bathroom well, been promoted or completed your tax return.

Women have been indoctrinated to ‘do’ more, achieve more and become the ‘boss bitch’ in order to be happy. 

But studies show that women are unhappier than ever..

You are not supposed to be his mother, but his muse! 

Women in constant ‘doing’ mode puts out the fire, juice, eros in the relationship.

Men want your energy not your leadership and goals.

One way to know what type of energy a man is yearning for is to listen to the type of music he plays:

For example:

If he plays the artist ‘Birdy’, this means he desires angelic energy from you. 

Generally in heterosexual relationships men are seeking inspiration and women are seeking protection, stability and leadership. 


One way to generate and circulate your sexual, Kundalini energy so you embody the glowy, magnetic radiance you are craving  (and he is too) is to do breath work, yogic movement and meditation regularly.

To unlock this energy come and join us in Sanctuary TV for live & on demand classes. Right now, for all readers you can get a free 14 day trial by joining us here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/3021651254784242 

Alexis Hannagan

Alexis Hannagan is the founder of The Sanctuary Retreat in Sydney & Sanctuary TV, a fertile hub liberating women sensually & financially.

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