First Sighting of 5D Doctors By Sandy Torah McShane

I’ve never been one to go to a hospital unless it is absolutely necessary, and when I have had to go, my stays have been short. Since I was a child, I just haven’t liked them.

In my first forty-four years on the planet, I had only two admissions in total. Both times I signed myself out against doctor’s orders. Oh, and a third – the day I was born. Perhaps that’s when my distrust of hospitals began because my birth wasn’t a smooth one, that’s for sure. Had I been able to do so as a newborn baby, I’m sure I would have signed myself out then also.

These past four years, however, things have been a little different. Due to some health challenges, I’ve had plenty of outpatient appointments with many different doctors. When offered different treatments that they claimed would save my life (without which, they said, I would surely go to my grave), I mostly said no, and they would look back at me with a variety of expressions ranging from genuine concern to anger to disapproval. A smile was a rarity.

Ironically, smiles were exactly the healing expression I needed to see on their faces in order to calm my nervous system right down to where it needed to be to even begin the healing process. I found the whole ride a bit rough, during which my tolerance for disapproval and frowns quickly plummeted to zero. I craved friendliness and respect for what my body and my intuition were telling me, which was to take a holistic approach to my healing, like seeking alternative treatments and radically changing my life. Why all this pressure to go against what felt so very natural to me?

As soon as my healing journey began, I started taking regular trips to beautiful Ubud in the mountains of Bali. I found the Balinese people’s smiles infectious; they lifted my spirits and opened my heart so much that I really just lived to get back there. However, when the whole Covid shenanigans began, international travel ceased for Australians and I could no longer take my three-monthly trips to Ubud to get my dose of medicinal smiles, open hearts, and incredible healthy and extremely creative food. I could no longer enjoy the beauty, art and array of colours that Bali offers to the senses; or benefit from the divine massages and highly medicinal ozone treatments I’d been receiving. I was stuck in the West … but my body didn’t like that.

Eventually, being cut off from the place that had become such an important part of my healing process caught up with me. Six months ago, I was suddenly facing the prospect of falling off my perch all together. I decided it was time to take myself off to hospital – twice.

I decided to go to a different hospital and it was a whole new experience. There were two admissions and a couple of outpatient appointments, during which I saw several doctors who were incredibly different to any I had seen before. My response hadn’t changed, I still didn’t feel that taking the treatments on offer was a good idea; I intuitively felt they would take me out of this world in no time at all, and I had no qualms about saying so. But much to my delight, these doctors just smiled at me! And not just little smiles – big, hearty, toothy grins; similar to the Balinese people. Well, not quite as joyous … but not far off. Apprentice-level smiling.

At once, their smiles started making me smile. I smiled so much. I thanked all of them for smiling at me and told them how much of a difference it was making. But they weren’t done yet. They said things like, “Whatever you choose, I will support you”, and “We don’t push, here. It’s your choice”. One doctor even told me that he had once talked a lady into having chemotherapy when she really didn’t want to and she died after just one infusion. He went on to say that sometimes the chemo kills a person before the disease does, and that he still feels sad about this lady dying and will never again disregard someone’s intuition.

Friends, I was blown away. I already knew this to be true, but I had never heard a doctor say it out loud! I was absolutely thrilled … and I couldn’t help wondering if I had just sighted the first 5D doctors in the West … or at least signs of fifth-dimensional wisdom being channelled through these smiling medical practitioners! This gave me so much hope, and I still feel incredibly uplifted by this experience whenever I think of it.

So, what’s the message here? If you have a hunch, go with it, because whether you find yourself in a 3D or 5D environment, it is your body and your choice about how to deal with your health. Hopefully, you will be met with smiles. But if you aren’t, stay with your own truth, anyway … and keep sending smiles to your insides, because that is exactly what they need.

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Sandy McShane

Sandy Torah McShane shares her amazing transformational journey and is the author of 'The Frequency of Freedom' with a release date of July 2022.

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