GOD’S HOLY ELIXIR by Dr Cris Hendo

Recently I made this holy water for the first time although I had dreamt about it previously.  I used the water to sprinkle on roses and told the roses how much I loved them.  The roses were still blooming more than two weeks later. 

Now is the time when we can with Great God Gaia – create the most sacred of all waters – God’s Holy Elixir!  We are in God’s Universe.  We bring our attention to our pineal gland – we breathe in to that space – we create an awareness beyond anything we have known – there is a huge burst of light and then a reset – never before has this been possible. 

It is possible now.

The ceremony begins.

Open, open and extend and extend.  More light, more light.

The gathering of the gods and goddesses is occurring around the bowl in which we have placed spring water. 

You say – I declare alternate realities and diverse dimensions open and accessible.  I declare that divine beings from these dimensions are contributing to the creation of God’s Water.

As you meditate with the water all that is known and unknown, seen and unseen, perceived and not perceived, everything that is forgiven and unforgivable, everything that is hidden and open comes in – it flows into the bowl – into the perfect peace that is God’s sacred water.

I now invite all of the high magic in my physical body to activate in my being as I create this bowl of sacred water.  The water is stirring – it is beginning to move and change and now it is a colour – whatever colour you see in the bowl is the right colour for its creation.

I am served by source in the highest together with this God water. Source accepts and embodies this truth by rippling gently across the bowl as part of the process of creation.

It is already done – yes it is done.

Dr. Cris Henderson

Rose Alchemist



Dr Cris Hendo

Dr. Cris Henderson is a Rose Alchemist and International Rose Energy Consultant.

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