Holiday chaos can lead to anxiety by Spiri Buhagiar

Tis the season to be jolly, so the lyrics go.  So how do you make yourself feel “jolly” when you are feeling anxious, depressed, unwell or worried?

This may sound so blaze – however, we can instantly change our feelings by changing our thoughts, even if you are in a desperate situation, you can find a space and place where you won’t be disturbed (even if it’s a toilet).  Take a deep breath in for 4, hold it for 3 seconds, breath out for 4 and hold it again for another 4.  Doing this 8-10 time will help by having your para-sympathetic system override the sympathetic nervous system.

If you are feeling anxious about the upcoming holiday season can I suggest the following – it may help you feel a little better.

  1. Write down (do not type) but physically write down all that you have to be grateful for this can be as simple as the following:
  2. I have a bed to sleep in
  3. I have a phone – this means I can call someone, even if it’s not someone I know but support at Beyond Blue or Lifeline
  4. I have clean water to drink and also to shower or bath in
  5. I am living in a country where I can obtain support and help through many groups including the Smith Family, The Salvation Army, Church groups.

If you have no-one and are struggling, please know there is help and support

  • Call the Police on 000  or Lifeline on 13 11 14 if you are feeling very anxious. The Salvation Army on 13 72 58
  • or take yourself to outpatients at your local hospital and ask for help.

It can be a difficult thing to do, and most certainly is humbling if you find yourself in a difficult situation.  If you are on your own, perhaps you may like to organize an “Orphans’ Christmas” in a park somewhere.   I lived on my own in Cairns and every 2nd year when I stayed at home, I would invite a bunch of individuals of couples who had no one else in town to my home for the day.  It made it a happy day for them and of course for me.

So, if you do know of anyone who has no-one to share Christmas with, could you consider having them spend Christmas with you?   I understand that people like to be with family on this day, but the act of giving can be beneficial for all parties.

If you are in an okay situation, you have a job, but you are feeling overwhelmed or distressed, please do feel free to text me on 0418 775849 and ask me to call you back or call me and leave a message, I may not be available immediately, but I will call you back.  I can give you some tools so that you can help your mind over-ride the emotional states of sadness or loneliness.

Know that you are here because you are meant to be. 

Spiri Buhagiar

Spiri Buhagiar has worked with individuals and various companies for over 30 years helping people to be the best version of themselves. She has qualifications and experience in RTT, Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and has been gifted with clairaudience which is now scientifically recognised.

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