Symbols & Their Meaning by Kate Denning

Scrying in all their different Forms

Let’s start with sharing about symbols with an extract from my book, “The A – Z of Tea Leaf Reading”

It started long ago in the days before tea and coffee were even around.  It goes back to the times of an Ancient Greek practice, looking at the patterns and symbols made by wine sediments left in the bottom of the barrel, it was a popular method in a culture that revered omens and symbols.    In largely non-literate societies, visual symbols play the role of storyteller, seer, guide and counsellor. In the Scottish Highlands they would use a Beryl Stone for scrying.  The Japanese used Rice or beans and it was known as “Mi Kayu Ura”.  Mirrors and Water were used for scrying by the Mayans and Aztecs, and black obsidian was used for scrying. I love my clear quartz crystal ball for doing this. By the mid-nineteenth century, tea leaf reading was well-established all over Europe and the Middle East. Gypsies practiced tea leaf reading after tea arrived in Europe early in the 17th century. Eventually over time, the practice spread all over the world.

You can use this in anything, as the meanings are universal and not just in the tea leaves.  It could be patterns on the floor or formation in the clouds.  Remember when you were a child, lying on the grass, looking up at the sky and seeing pictures in the clouds.  Our messages can come in all different forms.

This is my way of doing Mediumship.  Quite often I will get messages from past loved ones in the cup.  I might be given the initials of the person or be shown an object they loved or used to wear or period clothing.  Different types of hats that represented the type of work they use to do or services they were in or what war they were in. And what I really love about this, is that I can show the person I’m reading for and they can see for themselves.

I have also had a tea blend created for me called, “Magical Brew”. The ingredients have been chosen to cover all areas of readings from money, career, love, relationships and past loved ones coming through.

The beautiful ingredients of the Magical Brew are: Honeybush, Lotus flower. blue pea flower, blue cornflower, rose, cinnamon, apple pieces, vanilla pods and vanilla flavouring.

Most symbols are universal, but some cultures might have a totally different meaning too. Follow your intuition and have fun.  Remember, everything has a negative and a positive meaning as well.   So, like the “Acorn” it could bestow good fortune, or it could be telling you that you need to start saving for the future.  To stop spending your money on frivolous things.

When you are open, you will get messages in all different forms.

I’ve received messages in so many different forms from not just in the teacup, but from the Crystal Ball and cloud formations and even from paint peeling from a step and from a wall and patterns of tiles- the meanings are universal.

Magical blessings to you all.

From Kate Denning

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“The A – Z of Tea Leaf Reading”  by Kate Denning is available to buy online or from Kate for $20

“Magical Brew” Loose Tea Leaves 50g $23 

Kate Denning

Kate is known as the 'Tea Lady' and she shares her gifts as a Psychic Clairvoyant, Author, Public Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor.

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