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I have to be honest here, my creative tank is on very low batteries.  My mind is a mush of vague ideas, indecision, and a large dose of ennui (actually that bit has been there for a while).

I know it’s 2024. Doesn’t that mean I should be all peppy and ready for newness? Isn’t that what we are all told to be? Excited and ready for a new beginning?  That expectation to me feels like going to the gym, am exhausted just thinking about it. 

Like many of us, I make new year’s resolutions which I never stick to, but I make them anyway.  Exercise more (yawn), be more creative (sure but currently my batteries need recharging), nurture myself more (to recharge the batteries – that’s a vague one right now), lose weight (there is still chocolate and fruit cake left over from Christmas though…). Maybe my ennui is from an overdose of sugar!  Anyway, these resolutions and excuses all carries over to the next year so that I limp into it thinking will this be the year I get more things done? (‘more’ being an infinite list of items I task myself with that are not really achievable anyway).  You get the idea. I used to say I have ‘limped into the new year ha ha ha’. This year I really have limped in. A nasty sprained ankle and thoughts of ‘someone carry me’. 

I don’t mean to be negative about all the ‘lack’ mentality I am alluding to within myself as I write this.  You see there was a sneaky resolution I made at the time of my birthday last year that I should do more shadow work, to learn more about why I get so low sometimes, acknowledge it, move it into the spotlight if I can. Shine that bright light! I don’t really know yet what it all means for me, but I am sure there are others out there who are doing or feeling something similar.

Which planet is in retrograde right now? I hear myself ask. If you are feeling or doing the shadow work, I hope it all goes well for you.  My last article an ‘Outlook for 2024’ mentioned a special card about shadow work and letting in the light. Card 17 ‘The Way Out – Light’. It feels quite apt for me currently.

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Sharne Young

Sharne is a registered nurse, an empath, a Usui Reiki Master, a serenity vibration healing practitioner; an angel intuitive and the co-author of 'The Ancients' and creator of 'The Channelled Galaxy Oracle'.

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