Awakening Our Sacred Alchemy Within by Lucy Becks

A Woman’s Midlife Restoration

Some women think arriving at the midlife point equals to ‘game over’! Absolutely not! There’s so much we can explore during this phase of life. We’ve likely heard the phrases like, ‘life begins at forty’ or ‘fifty’s the new 40’. Is age just a number? Yes and no. Yes, because we shouldn’t allow our age to limit or determine our present or future outcomes. And no because certain age brackets define physiological aspects of our body’s functions.

For example, our body’s functions in our twenties are quite a different landscape to our body’s functions in our forties and beyond – it comes down to basic biology. Interestingly, the forties are a time when our intuition becomes heightened and attuned; journeying into spiritual awakenings and the expansion of our soul’s awareness.

As woman we are always evolving, progressing, and changing – like the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone, experiencing the ‘hormonal seasons’ of life. You may wonder when does a woman become a CRONE? In some cultures, this is when a woman enters menopause, around 50 years of age. In spiritual terms the definition of a CRONE is a mature woman who represents wisdom; inner knowing; and intuition. I like to think of MENOPAUSE as a woman’s divine rite of passage. A sacred time evolving in our journey of womanhood towards becoming a wise woman. It is so important that our soul ‘secrets’ are not lost during this time as we face the challenges of midlife, which possibly may be a messy experience for some women suffering from menopause symptoms.

This phase in our lives is a time to be consciously aware of our soul’s journey. Being a woman in midlife, we’ve done all the hard work over the years, and we’ve earned our freedom, to find we’re now only on another ‘new’ hormonal roller-coaster. Some women experience severe symptoms and some; the lucky few; experience minor symptoms, if any at all. Wherever we find ourselves on the scale, remember this is our time, right here, right NOW! It’s time to NOW put ourselves first, it’s our turn to NURTURE ourselves, mind, body, and soul. So, how do we do that? We connect with our Sacral Chakra, our womb space, nurturing our creative energy by exploring different ways to nurture our mind, body and soul and allowing ourselves to experience new energetic practices to help make these shifts.

The Sacral Chakra is all about nurturing our inner artist and embracing our emotions with grace and embodying our very essence of ALCHEMY. The Sacral Chakra, being linked to emotions may require balancing if we are feeling a sense of tension, instability, or inner conflict. It is important to take care of ourselves during this transition and to find healthy ways to cope with any emotional challenges that may arise. Balancing and aligning this Chakra is particularly important for women in midlife, as it can help give us insights into our soul’s inner whispers, and where we can truly embrace our power.

Some ways to balance the Sacral Chakra may include practicing yoga, meditating, and other mindful activities, as well as exploring creative pursuits and engaging in self-care practices, that bring us joy and pleasure. This could be anything from painting to dancing to cooking. It’s also important to prioritise self-care activities such as: massage, meditation, journaling, or spending time in nature (my personal favourite). By doing so, we will feel more able to cultivate a greater sense of balance and harmony in our lives, leading to greater fulfillment and joy.

Ceremony and rituals are also a great way to help us connect to our inner wisdom, enlightening our path ahead into our next phase of life (the ‘re-emergence’ from menopause phase). These may involve attending group events which are a lovely way to connect with other likeminded women.

Another option is to create a solo self-guided ceremony or ritual which is a unique time to connect with our heart space without any external distractions. Similarly, exploring and adapting ways to connect to the Lunar Cycles during the midlife phase can be a ‘game changer’ – perhaps that’s a whole new conversation for another day. And remember, women in midlife… there is a rhythm to everything. In nature it’s the seasons, sunrises, and sunsets. But nowhere are rhythms more powerful than within women. Feel the rhythm, get curious, and revitalise your life. 

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Lucy Becks

Lucy Becks is a talented intuitive reflexologist and pioneer of Lulu Belle Therapies. She also creates a beautiful women's circle online, and in person on the Sunshine Coast for women who are in their midlife.

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