Live mediumship demonstrations are really popular, and you can find someone holding a demonstration at most areas now more than ever, albeit the popularity, which is wonderful. Choosing to go to a live mediumship demonstration gives you the opportunity to connect with your loved ones in the spirit world. Not everyone gets a connection, but you will find quite often a message from the spirit world, although delivered to someone else in the audience can be one that you relate to as well.

Public Mediumship demonstrations started with spiritualist churches so it’s no wonder many find attending one brings with it a rewarding spiritual experience. I often get feedback from my shows that the essence of personal healing was quite powerful even for those that don’t get an individual connection. I honestly believe the more you come to a demonstration being open and receptive to the show, the more likely you are to get a connection and experience healing. Taking a moment to call in and connect with your friends and family prior to an event, even up to week before, is a great encouragement (not a guarantee but it does build up the excitement.)

Be mindful there are so many spirits wanting to connect on the night and I often find the most encouraged spirits can stand out in the crowd! Don’t be discouraged if you still don’t get a connection because some spirits would rather deliver their messages in a more personal setting, such as a face-to-face reading. Like us, the spirit world has preferences, believe it or not.

And lastly don’t be shy to put your hand up if a description feels like it resonates, don’t be put off by one piece of evidence that might not fit, the medium will fine tune the connection. To create a good show, it’s a three-way street between spirit, the medium and you the audience – your role of participation is vital for great spirit communication.

As the medium we want to try and make sure every spirit that shows up is identified, because it honours the spirit going to the effort to show up. Sometimes this doesn’t happen and as frustrating for us as it is, we just trust that in time the penny drops for someone in the audience, even though it’s often a message sent a week later saying, awww yes, I remember now that was my uncle I’d forgotten about. Yes, it happens, and I know I too have often struggled to identify spirits straight away for myself when I’ve had readings, but then later I’ve remembered. It is the job of a medium to interpret the messages and evidence that spirit give us – this does leave us open to misinterpretation, but as I like to say, don’t shoot the messenger ha ha, we are human and as much as we would love to think one hundred percent accuracy is achievable, reality isn’t like that!

Above all enjoy the show. Every event I have been a part of leaves a memory of connection, healing and amazement at the way spirit show up for us unconditionally. We can all take away a powerful message here and that is to live life as unconditional as you can, share love, blessings and special memories every day for tomorrow is never promised.

Love and blessings

Tonia Reeves for booking a reading

Tonia Reeves

Tonia Reeves is Australia’s Psychic Medium Cowgirl, based in Victoria and reaching people overseas through her consults and her segments on a number of radio shows in Australia and overseas.

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