In this age of awakening, have we come to a crossroads? by Kelsey McNamara


As we become more conscious of our own energy and abilities – faith in healthcare is shifting from the medicalised sphere to an approach that incorporates the whole of the body, mind and spirit.

As we take responsibility for our own health journey, we search for alternative approaches that fit our world views and our lifestyle. After all, the way we interact with the world has a direct impact on our health. I am not and will never suggest that holistic approaches are superior to orthodox medical treatments. What I am suggesting is that holistic approaches can benefit your quality of life and in turn aid your healing journey.

The connection between the mind and body is paramount to health. Isolating and treating a singular physical or mental symptom may assist your quality of life but a sustained change comes from deeply understanding the social, emotional and spiritual realms of existence that are impacting your health. Pharmaceutical approaches deliver short term benefits to mental, emotional and physical issues but these address symptoms and not the cause. After some time, you may find the pills you take to combat these ailments cannot be counted on one hand! This can lead to a sense of disempowerment, failure and lack of control.

We aim to investigate different holistic approaches to health that can aid your health journey. By utilising approaches outside of orthodox medicine, you can create an energy of goodwill, acceptance and self-belief that cultivates health within your mind and body.

Today we will look at the concept of mindfulness. A practice that urges simplicity but is incredibly difficult to cultivate in everyday life. We are so accustomed to moving from one thing to the next without time for pause that even the best intentions of developing mindfulness can drift off-course. Mindfulness takes us back to the very simplest of actions. Your first act as a being of this world, and your very last. Breathing. By developing an awareness of your breath, feeling the sensation of the breath against your skin as it enters and exits your nostrils, one can cultivate equanimity. By taking five minutes of your time, each day to concentrate on your breath going in and going out, you steadily develop a practice of mindfulness. This will not happen overnight. Any work that is worthwhile takes patience, persistence, and acceptance. Acceptance of each moment, acceptance of your thoughts and feelings as they are. Not trying to change anything. Accepting where we are in each moment.

Be Well, Kelsey


Vanessa Finnigan is the founder, editor and publisher of Holistic Bliss.
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