Mind is Perspective by Tatiana Savery

We tend to think ‘mind’ is somewhere in our brains or a part of our person.

It is more of a field of relationships and interactions in the now/here.

Your focus. The ‘original thought’ is an interpretation of something that

cannot be perceived. It’s more of a random guessing as to what our source

is. Then we make sense out of the guess. (Like cryptocurrency mining, in a



We are electrical creations in this ‘dream’ or ‘movie’ we call reality.

Think in terms of frequency. There is duality here. Chaos and Order. Chaos

is one band of frequencies and order another band of frequencies.

Chaos will show up in a multitude of ways. It is a mechanism of chaos to

provide distractions, divisions and all manner of judgements. The moment we

say that “these things over here are good” and “these things over here are

evil” is the start of tyranny, or what is referred to as evil.

Chaos doesn’t do anything that we don’t agree with. This is found

everywhere in our ‘reality’. What I refer to as the ‘dream’ or ‘movie’.

We send our kids to school without realising that we are assigning the

state control over their affairs (and minds). We expect them not to be

abused mentally, physically, or otherwise, but forget that we gave up

control. We sign up for ‘free’ services and don’t read the terms of what

we’ve agreed to. Then we might wonder why certain entities have access to

intimate details of our lives. The list goes on, but in nearly every case

it is something that we have agreed to.


We allow chaos into our lives in order to experience it, but its

interpretation is up to us, and always an intimate part of how to perceive

our reality. Order and Chaos. Good and evil, every interpretation in between.

Again, we are electrical creations in this ‘dream’ or ‘movie’ we call

reality. Focus on where you are going, tune into the desired frequency,

that ‘station’. Chaos is the static noise, the drama, between stations. The

drama is the noise/static between dreaming and awakening. Focus on waking

up. Embrace the ‘ugly duality’ along the way as a part of us. Just don’t

get stuck in the noise/drama worrying about if it is yours or not. All of

it is us. Yet the purpose of it is to keep guiding us to the next

‘station’. Which assists everyone around you, and extends outwards forever.

Chaos can be seen as the nightmare; order can be waking up.

This perspective may be controversial as the ones who may have the most

difficult time during this current transition are the ‘spiritual’ or ‘new

age’ crowd. Much of the spiritual/new age movement has been hijacked by

chaos to keep people in the dark. Focusing on beliefs, or what people need

to let go of, keeps people relatively powerless and in the dark.

Very few can suddenly awaken without moving into the perspective of oneness

over time. We are all at various ‘stations’ re-tuning constantly.

The ‘butterfly effect’ is an off shoot of chaos theory, which is the domain

of the agents of chaos. Interesting, yet it distracts from all things

happening at the same time and, essentially, being the same thing.

It might take a lot of ‘experiences’ to figure out that you are your entire

‘reality’, and your entire ‘reality’ is you. We cannot perceive anything

we are not ourselves. If you perceive the colour teal for, example, it is

because you have experience with it and it is a part of your perspective.

We understand our own selves through things that we see as ‘other’.

Externalisation, it would be called.


One’s perspective is endlessly flexible.


However, we usually keep within a certain ‘range’ that is comfortable for

us. Changing your perspective is as simple as changing the representations

that make up your world. Changing our frequency. We create

representations to ‘define’ our self all the time. It is this group of

representations that create the world you see. Consciousness could be

defined as the relationship between representations. Ultimately there are

only relationships, not consciousness. Consciousness is more of an illusion

of the senses.


Very basically and practically-speaking this is how we create:

1) find something that represents what it is you want to experience

2) interact with it

3) find something that better represents it

4) repeat

The most elemental force in the universe is perspective. We can use

perspective to our advantage. There is no ‘transportation’ between spaces

because there is no space. Only perspective.


What if we could fine tune this via dialing in on the frequency of order?

This suddenly speeds up the process of awakening as we tune in to that

‘station’ which allows us to experience the relationship to the external we

desire now, which is actually our internal. No drama, no noise.


Yes, we could say we are a biological computer system. We are all parts of

the system per se. Some people due to their specific frequencies are more

‘plugged in’ and have a greater ability to create ‘consciously’, or

‘manifest’ as if by magic. Ultimately these people have just understood the

tools by creating representations they can perceive. We can experience

these perspectives all the time, we just need a model for the shift.

Yes, it would be gradual. What we are experiencing with time is not an

absolute chronological progression but a kind of psychological (or

cognitive) progression.


We experience that which is most relative to us. We are currently moving

through the biggest psychological operation conducted in human history,

this is for a reason. To navigate the layers from chaos to order.

The ‘answers’ in the universe apply to everyone, not just an

infinitesimally small percentage of the population. The answers are

universal and have to do with perception.


These aren’t my theories, I am only facilitating how to use everything as a

reference to shift perspectives that will allow something else that suits

you better tomorrow.


I look forward to introducing frequency technologies to assist in shifting

perspectives and engaging all of us in mental exercises that will lead most

of us towards awakening.

Ph: +61 417 666 870



Tatiana Savery

Tatiana Savery is an international healer, entrepreneur, founder of Love Divinity, Frequency Academy and brings empirical knowledge and research based in the fields of epigenetics, bio energetics, frequency technology, integrative nutrition and spirituality.

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