Less Drama Parenting by Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

Hi there beautiful HBM readers!

It is so great to meet you here in these fabulous times of radical transformation, huge shifts towards higher vibrations, and the freedom to unreservedly be YOU, shining your unique light, beating your own drum, and vibrating your unique high vibe frequency.

I am so thrilled to be an HB columnist and to be bringing guidance, education, tips, hints, and the latest effective body, mind and spirit tools for you to explore, play with, and add to your journey in being the change you wish to see in the world.

My intention is to share a variety of opportunities that are available to you via parenting tools with the absolute goal and outcome of a family dynamic that you desire.

More peace. More calm. More ease.

Less challenges. Less drama. Less frustration.

The foundation process that I recommend for my families is The Goulding Institute’s SleepTalk™ process, now known as The Goulding Process. The Goulding Process has been called “The 2-minute gift with changes that last a lifetime”. It is the parenting gift that literally keeps on giving, for the lifetime of the chid and the family dynamic.

Stated as ‘The Proven Parent Solution’, we can introduce the process at many stages of childhood development, and in my articles I’ll continue to share some really interesting news on the latest research on how The Goulding Process is helping some challenged adults also.

The process is not new. It has been active since the 1970s and it empowers parents to facilitate dramatic and positive shifts in their children’s behaviour to achieve the outcomes they desire, including a collective calmness within the family unit. Some of the presenting circumstances and behaviours that benefit from The Goulding Process include:

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Bulling
  • Self-Esteem
  • Fears
  • Speech development  
  • Fears
  • Temper Tantrums, and
  • Many of the diagnostic boxes available such as AD(H)D, ODD, plus the Autistic Spectrum.

As a member of The Goulding Process professional community, I am here to maximise the fun and freedom in your children’s experiences. My goal and mission, is to equally minimise the stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in not just your life, but in the lives of all of the parents and children who I mentor, guide, and coach.

The immense power of The Goulding Process has a profound effect on each family as it impacts each child. Its focus is creating more positive lived experiences for each child and, by default, it achieves that for the parents and siblings too.

To complement the Parenting, Child, and Family growth that is synonymous with The Goulding Process, I will bring self-help, personal development, and collective consciousness guidance with a variety of tools steeped in Quantum Physics, multi-dimensional awareness, and pure energy work. I trust that you obtain brilliant results.

It has long been my mission to use my lived experience, training to be of service to others, and maximise the opportunity for more pleasure, less pain; more freedom, and less disconnection. My TEDxSouthBank 2014 #ChallengeAccepted mission statement, a UQ Exec Business Ed breakout space activity, was and is “to collaboratively create social and cultural change to honour children and improve communities”. In this space, my intention is to honour all of you on your parenting travels and to guide you to your dream family life.

We are all infinite beings, including our children, full of infinite possibilities and dreams that are already in play.

Are you observing or judging? Is parental support and guidance on your must have list? I am here for your parenting needs and to shift the frequency of your family, cars, and homes to absolute love.

So, trust that it is done, breathe, and repeat!

You can book sessions with me via email on donna@bodhiandme.com or

Let’s work in this space together and activate your Art of Parenting Now vibration.

Donnamarie Willett-Flockhart

Donnamarie provides game changing guidance for parenting your children. She facilitates families to bring fun, kindness and happiness back to the family home.

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