The Gift of Moving Your Body by Liz Isenring

Making #health a priority begins with small but consistent daily steps.

It’s recommended that adults do 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week. Starting with just 30 minutes a day will put you right in the middle of that range. But if exercising is something you dread, perhaps it’s time to think about how you can put some fun back into it.

Here are 5 ideas to help make fitness fun:

1. Exercise with a friend, it will give you more accountability and you can
have a laugh together too.

2. Frisbee is a great way to get active. It doesn’t matter if you throw a
little off-course, the further you throw the more you have to run!

3. Pump up the volume! Listening to music while you exercise is a great
distraction, so put together a playlist of your favourite tunes and get moving!

4. Get outside! Find somewhere new to go for a walk, enjoy a bike ride, take
a beach walk, or swim.

5. Dancing on a Friday night? You bet that counts!

If #fitness is fun you’ll get the most out of it and you’ll keep coming back for more.

One of my specialties is to support you in creating a #healthylifestyle for yourself and your loved ones (that includes guidance in helping you to discover the True Power of Nutrition so You Lose Fat & Get Healthy, with mindset and fitness components, so you become #vibrant and energetic).

Whether you are a hard working executive, active parent or busy individual, I am here for YOU. If you are feeling motivated to prioritize your health but need help making a sustainable plan, I am happy to support.

Looking for a 30 day Mindset, Menu and Movement reset? Message me for further info.

Liz Isenring

Dr Liz is passionate about improving lives via evidence-based nutrition and wellness consulting. She's a Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, author and speaker.

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